Balasinor, Gujarat

Balasinor, sometimes known as Vadasinor, is a city in Gujarat, India, located in the Mahisagar district. The city was once part of Balasinor State, a princely state controlled by the Babi family, from September 1758 until its admission to India in June 1948.

Places to visit

  • Balasinor Fossil Park : Balasinor is famous for housing the world's second-largest dinosaur and fossil deposit. Balasinor National Park, located in the bucolic setting of Raiyoli hamlet, is every child's fantasy vacation. Tens of thousands of nature lovers and archaeologists from around the world visit the Raiyoli Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Site. The remnants of 13 species can be found in India's Jurassic Park, which also has many fossilized eggs and bones to admire. Needless to say, these eggs are in their natural state.
  • Distance: Balasinor National Park is 19 kilometers away from Balasinor

  • Ambaji Temple : Ambaji Temple, in Balasinor Fossil Park, has impressive archaic architecture and is well worth a visit. Aside from its spiritual significance, the majestic mountains and lush fields that surround it provide a visual delight for tourists. You can also rest and unwind with your family in the garden near Ambaji Temple.
  • Distance: Ambaji Temple is 44 kilometers away from Balasinor

  • Timba Tuva : This mysterious location is a popular mythological site that was once a camping spot for the Pandava brothers of Mahabharatha. It is thought that during their exile, they spent several years at this location. Apart from its fabled significance, the hot sulphur springs of Timba Tuva are supposed to have medical characteristics that can cure rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Distance: Timba Tuva is 22 kilometers away from Balasinor

  • Wanakbori Dam : It is a favorite picnic location for both locals and tourists. This pool of water is not far from the Garden Palace. You won't break a sweat walking from the palace to the dam. Wanakbori Dam, in addition to being close to the palace, provides a panoramic view of the reservoir and the natural bounty that surrounds it.
  • Distance: Wanakbori Dam is 12 kilometers away from Balasinor

How to Reach

  • By Air- The nearest airport to Balasinor is Vadodara Airport, which is around 79 kilometers away. This airport has frequent flights to other major Indian cities.
  • By Train- Anand Railway Station, located 63 kilometers from Balasinor, is the nearest major railway station. Railroads connect Gujarat and adjacent states to other key locations.
  • By Road- Roads in India are highly maintained and well connected to other major cities. To name a few, Delhi, Jaipur, Panaji, and Mumbai.

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