Shrivardhan Beach

shrivardhan beach


Nestled in the quaint district Raigad of Maharashtra, this beautiful Shrivardhan beach is an idyllic location to escape from the humdrum of chaotic city life. The beach is different from those of the crowded beaches of Mumbai and Goa because of its pristine and serene surroundings and the divine aura that it oozes being near to so many temples. The long stretch of white sand combined with the crystal blue of the seawater contrasts perfectly with the lush green surroundings and the hills enveloping the area.

Shrivardhan beach sits in the center of two major beaches here, Harihareshwar beach and Diveagar beach. This beach is quite well-kept in comparison to other beaches in the area. It is also not too crowded despite being so close to many pilgrimage centers and you can enjoy some solace and peace of mind here. There are good seating arrangements throughout the beach so that the elderly too could enjoy the charming views of the beach and the vast horizon. Toilets and changing rooms are also available for any to change or go freshen up.

To give a treat to your eyes, you must visit the beach either in the early mornings or in the evenings to have a stunning view of the sunrise or the sunset. The beach is easily accessible via road from Mumbai and Pune that most people flock here to have a weekend getaway. You can indulge in watersports, boat riding, buggy rides, or go on Dolphin sighting trips. There are many tourist spots nearby which you visit on your perfect weekend trip. Complete your little holiday by giving your prayers in the famous temples such as Laxminarayan Temple, Suvarna Ganesh Temple, and the ancient Kalbhairav Temple.

Things to Do in Shrivardhan Beach



Indulge in watersports such as paragliding, surfing, banana boat rides, speed boating, etc., on this family-friendly beach. Feel the splash of cold seawater and enjoy the rush of adrenaline while making unforgettable memories.


Boating and Dolphin sightings

Other activities available at this beach are boat rides that are the most sought-after activity here. People enjoy exploring the beach and photographing it from many angles from the boat. Moreover, the fishermen here will gladly take you to Dolphin sighting spots where you can see those beautiful mammals diving up and down the water.


Horse/Camel rides

Kids here enjoy these rides very much. You can also enjoy a ride on a horse or a camel and glimpse the beach from a different angle.



Many adventure freaks go trekking on the hills around Shrivardhan beach. After enjoying the beach, you can also trek to the hills and let go of the week’s steam from your shoulders.


Devour the food

There are many eateries near the beach where they serve lip-smacking Konkan cuisines made from the fresh catch of the day. There are vegetarian options too to suit every visitor’s taste and choices.

Places to Visit Near Shrivardhan Beach

Shrivardhan beach is in the vicinity of many tourist spots that you should not miss while you are at your beach trip. Some of the places near the beach are:

1. Bankot Fort

2. Harihareshwar Temple

3. Kalbhairav Temple

4. Shri Suvarna Ganesh Temple

5. Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple

6. Shrivardhan Fort

Places to Eat and Drink Near Shrivardhan Beach

These are the nearby places that serve delicious food where you can go to quench your hunger after enjoying at the beach.

1. Prasad Reataurant

2. Mejwani Restaurant

3. Maria Restaurant

4. Sunrise Restaurant Shrivardhan

5. Shrivardhan Beach Resort

How to Reach Shrivardhan Beach?


Best Time to Visit Shrivardhan Beach

The beach is an idyllic weekend getaway. You can visit the beach at any given time of the year except for the monsoons because it may get a bit risky and the shore becomes quite muddy too. The best time to visit the beach is during the winters from November to February when the weather is pleasant and the sun is not too hot. If you wish to avoid a horde of crowd then you must visit the beach in the early summers from March to May.

Shrivardhan Beach

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