Chaklasi, Gujarat

In the Indian state of Gujarat, the municipality and city of Chaklasi are both located in the Kheda district.

Places to visit

  • Galteshwar Mahadev Temple : In Gujarat's Thasra taluka of the Kheda district, Galteshwar is a significant historical and religious location. This holy site is situated where the Mahisagar and Galti rivers sangam (confluence). More than 25 lakh devotees and visitors visit this Galteshwar Mahadev each year, which are located 10 to 12 kilometres from the well-known Dakor's Thakorji. This temple has lost its incomplete summit after repeated fruitless attempts to complete it.
  • Distance: Galteshwar Mahadev Temple is 45 kilometres away from Chaklasi

  • Santram Temple : Avadhut had a renowned saint named Shree Santram. He was also known as Girnar Bawa, Vidhay Baava, or Sukh-Sagji since Shree Saintram Maharaj originated in Girnar. As a spiritual cure, Shree Saintram Maharaj arrived here in 1872, resided here for 15 years, and entered samadhi on the full moon day of 1887.
  • Distance: Santram Temple is 19 kilometres away from Chaklasi

  • Dunkahnath Mahadev Temple: The temple of Dunkahnath Mahadev was located on the Gomati coast, and the town designated by Dankarshijan was known as Dankpur; presently, it is known as Dakor. In ancient times, Dankarishi made Mahadev pleased via penance. In Dakor, you can find popular tourist destinations including Dunkanath Mahadev, Padukaji, Gangabai Tula, Sri Lakshmiji's Temple, Shardamatha, Radhakunda, Mangal Seewandham, Gomtighat, and Naukavihar.
  • Distance: Dunkahnath Mahadev Temple is 35 kilometres away from Chaklasi

  • Tirthrajshree Swaminarayan Temple: In the Chaitra Sadan, Sahajanand Swami began building on the temple in 1878. It was finished in the Kartik month of 1881. Instead of hiring workers, sadhus, saints, and satsangists work on bricks, lime, baking, all work, and building services themselves. The foundation of the temple was built using 9 lac bricks in total. 37 bricks were taken by Sahajanand Swami himself. 35 of them were used to build the idol's seat for Lakshminarayan.
  • Distance: Tirthrajshree Swaminarayan Temple is 14 kilometres away from Chaklasi

How to Reach

  • By Air - Vadodara, which is 53 kilometers away from Gujarat City, has the closest airport to the area.
  • By Train - The administrative hub of the Kheda district is the city of Nadiad. The primary railroad station in the region is Nadiad Junction.

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