Darjeeling is a town in the Himalayan foothills of India's West Bengal state.

The town is quite famous for its tea and is internationally recognised and ranks among the most popular black teas in the world. Darjeeling is also known for having several British-style private schools, which attract people from all over India and neighbouring countries.

The Darjeeling Toy Train is one of the best iconic attractions that draws tourists throughout the year.


Darjeeling is one of the most popular hill stations in India. The beauty of this hill town attracts visitors from across the country to take a break from the bustling city life. From beautiful parks to monasteries, there is a lot to explore in Darjeeling. Some of the best places to explore are:

There are many beautiful parks and gardens in Darjeeling some of which are natural and some are carved out of the open hill slopes. Some of them offer a grand view of snow capped mountains, while some offers the beautiful view of the hill station.

Some of the best parks and gardens to explore are:


Darjeeling is known as the queen ofa hill stations. The town is all about serene hills, friendly locals, historical places, cafes, shopping streets, markets and malls. If you are planning to visit the city then you can always head to these below listed shopping spots:


Darjeeling is very well known in the world for its tea plantation but the hill station is also home to a number of historical landmarks and heritage buildings which were left behind by the British colonial administration. Some of the famous heritage places are:


Everyone knows that West Bengal is packed with so much biodiversity and a rich flora and fauna, a tour to witness the wildlife in Darjeeling is inevitable. Some of the best nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Darjeeling are:


Food is something which is an inseparable element of culture. And if you're someone who loves to get closer to the culture of the destination you visit, than tasting food will definitely help you.

Scroll down to know the best dishes of Darjeeling:


The hill station attracts around 4.5lakhs tourists annually. Darjeeling has a lot of attractions to offer and is not just limited to scenic landscape, rich flora and fauna, tea plantation.

Darjeeling has numerous religious places that is mostly influenced by Tibetan's culture. Some of the religious spots are mentioned below:


Darjeeling is not just a beautiful hill station at the foothills of the Himalayas but this place is also blessed with a distinct culture, and the festivals celebrated here are very unique. Some of the festivals celebrated here are:


While exploring Darjeeling, do visit the restaurants to savour lip-smacking cuisines. The restaurants offer amazing dishes that will complete your vacation in Darjeeling. Some of them are:


There are many hotels in Darjeeling that travelers find ideal to spend their vacation. Check out these below listed beautiful hotels :


Darjeeling is not famous for its nightlife as most of pars and pubs get closed by 9.30pm. Nevertheless, you can enjoy evenings with your friends with drinks and good food. Some of the places where you can enjoy drinks are:


The museums in Darjeeling give the very essence of its history and rich culture. If you are someone who is looking for something deeper and more meaningful, exploring the museums would be best option in city. Some of the museums are:



Nepali is the most spoken language in Darjeeling but languages like Hindi, Bengali and English are spoken as well.