Mughal Garden

The Mughal Gardens is Spread over a vast expanse of 15 acres. It has often been represented, as the soul of the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The Mughal Gardens draw its inspiration from the Mughal Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir, the gardens around the Taj Mahal and even paintings of India and Persia. The designs of the Mughal Gardens was finalized in early 1917 by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The plantings were done only during the year 1928-1929.

Rose is the key feature of the Mughal Gardens even today. The Gardens boasts of growing 159 celebrated varieties of roses which blossom primarily in the month of February and March. They include, Adora, Mrinalini, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Modern Art, Scentimental, Oklahoma, Belami, Black Lady, Paradise, Blue Moon and Lady X. The Gardens also include roses named after people of national and international fame.

Apart from roses, tulips, Asiatic lilies, daffodils, hyacinth and other seasonal flowers embellish the gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan.