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Have you ever wished to swim in the clean waters of the sea surrounded by lush green foliage of dense fauna but away from the hustle-bustle of life and the conundrum of tourists flocking around? If yes, then this is your call to visit Cola Beach in the Canacona region of South Goa. Cola beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Goa, a marvel of nature that is still hidden and unexplored by many tourists. It remains quiet and secluded throughout the year and is a perfect place to escape the chaos of the city and for a relaxing holiday in Goa.

The beach is enveloped by dense trees and hills, especially from the northern and southern sides and some rocky outcrops in the middle. Although the entire beach is very large, it is divided into two parts- north Coal and south Cola by a small hill dividing the two. The North Cola beach has a stretching mass of silky sand of 800meters and the South Cola beach is about 145m long. There is also a small river known as Khola towards the north which creates a lagoon, and that is why the Cola beach is sometimes also referred to as Khola beach.

The river and the lagoon surrounded by the lush greenery give the beach a unique and magnificent landscape that is quite unlike the other beaches in Goa. You will not find many accommodation options or beach shacks around the beach, which makes it even more peaceful and relaxing to spend time here. With a low number of tourists, the beach remains clean and the water too is pristinely beautiful to take a dip into it or just sit on a mat while taking in the warmth of the sun.

Things to Do in Cola Beach



Cola beach is the ultimate destination to unwind yourself and relax in a soothing and serene environment. Sit on one of the rocks or stretch your body on the lounges and soak in the warmth of the sun to revitalize your energy.



The beach has some rocks in the water so it might be a bit risky to swim here but if you stick to the shore, it will be fine. You can also swim on the Khola river beside the beach or in the lagoon created by the river and take perfect Instagram-worthy pictures.


Eat at beach shacks

There are only two operational beach shacks in Cola beach but they serve delicious seafood and other Konkani dishes along with refreshing drinks to quench your thirst.


Play beach games

Cola beach is secluded and thus this makes it an ideal location to play beach games such as volleyball or soccer with your buddies and enjoy the most of your time and make unforgettable memories.



There is no nightlife in Cola beach like other beaches in Goa, so you can set up your own tent and enjoy your own private party in the privacy of the beach surrounded by the stunning landscape.

Places to Visit Near Cola Beach

These are some of the must-visit places near Cola beach that you should not miss when you make a trip to Cola beach:

1. Cola Beach Lagoon

2. Cabo De Rama Fort

3. Leopard Valley Goa

4. Rock Formations

5. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Places to Eat and Drink Near Cola Beach

Cola beach does not have many beach shacks on it but there are some restaurants in the vicinity which serve delectable and mouth-watering seafood and other Goan cuisines. These are some of the best restaurants nearby the beach:

1. Lounge Garden – Love Bites

2. Treetop Tava

3. Sea Breeze

4. Bay Corner

5. Manveer’s Kitchen

6. Mandala Café

How to Reach Cola Beach?


Best Time to Visit Cola Beach

Since the beach is not overcrowded at any time of the year, you can visit the beach at any season. Still, the best time to visit the beach is from November to February when the weather is pleasant and noticeably nicer. There is no to very little rain and the sun is not very hot to be uncomfortable. There are two beach shacks which remain open and all the accommodation options are available at full capacity.

Cola Beach

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