vagator beach

vagator beach


One of the best beaches in Goa, Vagator beach offers a wholesome experience with a lot of amusement activities such as watersports, sightseeing, shopping, and most of all a tranquil ambiance. It is mostly renowned among westerners and offers tourists and travel buffs an opportunity to have the best time of their life. The beach is located on the extreme northern fringes of Bardez Taluka opposite River Chapora. To the south of Vagator beach is Anjuna, one of the oldest tourist spots in Goa.

Vagator beach is the epitome of beauty with the pristine blue waters of the Arabian Sea, soft golden sand dotted with tall palm trees along the coastline. The shacks on the beach along with the sun lounges make it even more presentable to look at. The beach is even more beautified by red cliffs that look down upon two freshwater springs which are mere footsteps away from the sea. The beach is separated by a seaside headland which is used as a car parking area and numerous stalls selling clothes, ornaments, food, and a collection of souvenirs are also installed here. When you face the seashore from the headland, you will have North Vagator Beach or locally known as ‘Big Vagator’ towards your right, and towards your left lies the Ozran Beach or locally known as ‘Little Vagator Beach.

Visit this beautiful beach on your trip to Goa not just because it is stunning and promises a great time, but also because it is one of the ‘most photographed beaches in Goa’. Along with this, watching the gorgeous sunset while resting on the beach shack or the soft sand is a therapeutic experience.

Things to Do at Vagator Beach


Adventure and watersports

Vagator beach is a paradise for those who crave the adventure rush. Enjoy a plethora of watersports such as parasailing, jet ski, scuba diving, snorkeling, bumper rides, banana boat rides, etc., and have the best time of your life.



Shopping is a must when you visit Vagator beach. The small stalls selling trinkets and souvenirs along with the dazzling markets near the beach such as the Anjuna flea market and Saturday night market sell some of the best local products affordably.


Dolphin Sightings

The coastal line of Vagator beach stretches for about 100km and amusement activities such as dolphin sighting trips are held from time to time. Watching the beautiful sea mammals dive through the water is truly a mesmerizing and once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Enjoy Night Parties

Vagator beach is also known among the locals and tourists for its amazing night parties. Relish in the neon disco lights with a drink on your belly to have some crazy fun on the dance floor.


Beach Shacks

Beach shacks are cute cottages that visitors can use to take some rest from the thrilling activities of the beach. Enjoy some delicious local cuisine and refreshing drinks inside the shacks and rejuvenate yourself for the fun night.

Places to Visit Near Vagator Beach

Vagator beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa not just for its tranquility and stunning landscape but also because of different tourist attractions nearby the beach. These are some of the must visit places near Vagator beach:

1. Chapora Fort

2. Our Lady of Piety

3. St. Alex’s Church

4. Morjim Beach

5. Ozran Beach

Paces to Eat and Enjoy Nightlife at Vagator Beach

After a fun filled day at the beach, devour the lip-smacking dishes in some of the best restaurants near Vagator beach and then head to the vibrant nightclubs to have the best night of your life.

1. Antares Restaurant

2. Fishtail Bar and Restaurant

3. Fusion Restaurant

4. L’Azur, French Restaurant

5. Primrose Café

6. Nine Bar

7. Hill Top

8. Mango Tree Bar

How to Reach Vagator Beach?


Best Time to Visit Vagator Beach

The ideal time to visit the beach is between November and March which happens to be the winter season in the Western Ghats. Goa, being a coastal area does not have very harsh winters and the temperature never goes below 20 degrees Celsius. Try to avoid the beach during the summers at it gets scorching hot. Even during the monsoons, it is not possible to enjoy the sun and you will not be able to have any watersport activities.

Vagator Beach

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