Idar, Gujarat

Idar is a town in Gujarat's Sabarkantha district. It is well-known for its handmade wooden toys, tiles, temples, different exquisite architectural structures on its hills, and historical significance.

Places to visit

  • Sharmishtha Lake : Because it is still in use, the Sharmishtha Talav is an interesting example of a Solanki period water-retention system. It is an old lake formed by the waters of the river Kapila, which flows from the Aravalli highlands. More than 4500 years ago, early communities arose on its northern shore. Subsequently, a stepped embankment was built completely around it to keep the water in place. On the northern side of the lake, a water-feeding kund was constructed to protect the embankments from being destroyed by the rushing waters of the river during the monsoon. This kund, known as Nagdharo, was created during the Solanki period and features a lake, pool, locks, and a feeding channel.
  • Distance: Sharmishtha Lake is 46 kilometers away from Idar

  • Vadnagar Torans : The torans, a pair of 12th-century columns supporting an arch about 40 feet tall and made in red and yellow sandstone, are located immediately north of the walled town. They are spectacularly situated on the bank of Sharmistha Talav, on a road leading down from Arjun Bari. They are among the few surviving examples of entrance gates, which were originally a common feature of Solanki-era Gujarati architecture. The carving style is identical to that of Sidhpur's Rudra Mahalaya. The architecture, which was probably built after a war victory, is adorned with carvings of battle and hunting themes. The one to the east is in better shape and has recently become a symbol of Gujarat. The torans could have acted as an entryway to a vast temple complex, but no ruins have been discovered.
  • Distance: Vadnagar Torans is 51 kilometers away from Idar

How to Reach

  • Airports in Idar's surroundings Ahmedabad International Airport 101 kilometers distance.Railway Stations that connect to Idar. Idar, Gujarat, Sabarkantha, Idar is 5 kilometers away. Jadar Gujarat, Sabarkantha, and Idar are only 8 kilometers away. Unjha Gujarat, Mahesana, Unjha is 67 kilometers away. Siddhpur Gujarat, Patan, and Sidhpur are 69 kilometers away.

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