Jam Jodhpur

Jam Jodhpur, Gujarat

Jam Jodhpur is a city in the Gujarat district of Jamnagar.

Places to visit

  • Pratap Vilas Palace : Jam Ranjit Singhji built Pratap Vilas Palace between 1907 and 1915. The palace, like the Victoria Memorial Building in Kolkata, was created in the Indo-Saracenic architectural style with European architectural influences. The three glass domes are the main draw here. The pillar carvings of flowers, foliage, creepers, birds, and animals add to the palace's charm. The majestic hallways of the structure are embellished with hung portraits and paintings by contemporary artists. Swords and armor are available. The palace was primarily intended to serve as a guest house for royal guests, and it sits in the heart of expansive grounds and a park that Maharaja Kumar Ranjit Singhji transformed into a natural park in 1968.
  • Distance: Pratap Vilas Palace is 72 kilometers away from Jam Jodhpur

  • Jain temples : The complex's four Jan temples are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. With their gorgeous wood and stone buildings embellished with pastel-colored shutters and wooden balconies, these temples form the focus of the ancient city. The area surrounding these temples is known as Chandi Bazar, which translates as "Silver Market," and is teeming with silver and gold jewelers. The most complicated of the complexes is Raisi Shah Temple, dedicated to the 16th Tirthankara, Shantinath, and built between 1574 and 1622. It is also known as Shantinath Temple and features mirrored domes, colored columns, and intricate carvings. Shantinath Mandir's walls are elaborately embellished with exquisite frescoes and other wall paintings (murals) depicting the lives of several Tirthankaras. The marble floor is adorned with characteristic Jain designs in yellow, black, white, and red. The Vardhman Shah temple is dedicated to Adinath, Jainism's first Tirthankara. It is also known as Adinath Jain Temple and has a simpler structure than Shantinath Temple but is more colorful. The shrine's foundation stone was placed in 1612, during the reign of Jam Jasaji I, and it was completed in 1620. The temple is encircled by 52 tiny temples known as Deri, which were constructed in 1622. The third temple is Sheth's Temple, which was established in 1594 AD by Bhansali Abji. Vasupujya Swami Temple, the complex's final temple, is thought to have been built in the 17th century by Aaskaran Shah.
  • Distance: Jain temples is 74 kilometers away from Jam Jodhpur

How to Reach

  • By Air- The nearest airport to Jam Jodhpur is Jamnagar Airport, which is approximately 76 kilometers from the city centre. It has connections to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and other Gujarat cities. Cabs are available to take you to the city.
  • By Train- The nearest railway station to Jam Jodhpur is Jamnagar, about 79 kilometers away. Trains to Jamnagar run on a daily basis from Ahmedabad and other places in Gujarat. Cabs can be hired at the station.
Jam Jodhpur

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