Bundu, Jharkhand

In the JamtaraSadar in the Jamtara district in the Indian state of Jharkhand, there is a city called Jamtara as well as a notified area. It serves as the administrative center for the named neighborhood, subdivision, and community development block. The capital of Indian phishing is another moniker for it.

Places to visit

  • Ladhna Dam : The distance between Jamtara Railway Station and Ladhna Dam is roughly 12 kilometers. The surrounding mountains, which can be seen while on a wooden boat ride here, are what attract tourists to this location. A lot of people are drawn to the boat's model and want to get inside. When done over the clear dam water of Ladhna, boating is a lot of joy.
  • Distance: Ladhna Dam is 15 kilometers away from Jamtara

  • ParwatVihar Park : Five kilometers separate Jamtara Railway Station and ParwatVihar Park. It is a popular destination for visitors visiting Jamtara. It draws kids in a big way. From here, the dawn and sunset are beautiful views. It is located on Jamtara's northern side.
  • Distance: Parwat Vihar Parkis 4.3 kilometers away from Jamtara

  • Maithon Dam : The name Maithon is derived from "Mai KaSthan," the location of the Hindu goddess MaaKalyaneshwari. It is situated along the Barakar River's banks. About 48 kilometers separate the coal city of Dhanbad from the Maithon Dam. The underground power station dam is the only one of its sort in Southeast Asia. It is situated on a lake that covers an area of 65 square kilometers. The Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC Ltd.) created this back in 1948. The dam is approximately 165 feet length and 15712 feet long.TheMaithon Dam itself is situated in a stunning setting, surrounded by a lovely lake and lovely green woodlands.
  • Distance: Maithon Damis 30 kilometers away from Jamtara

How to Reach

  • By Air-Jamtara Area Airports Airport in Ranchi near 187 kilometers.
  • By Train-There are two additional railway stations in Jamtara District on the Main Line of the Eastern Railway from Howrah to Delhi: Chittaranjan and Karmatanr Vidyasagar. Jamtara is on the Main Line of the Eastern Railway from Howrah to Delhi.

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