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The Uttara Kannada district in the Indian state of Karnataka contains the lovely town of Karwar. The town, which boasts a large number of temples, forts, and beaches, is extremely scenic and draws a wide variety of travelers all year long. Karwar is 519 kilometers north-west of Bangalore, roughly 15 kilometers south of the boundary between Karnataka and Goa.

Karwar Tourist Places

Karwar, which is only a few miles from Goa, is paradise for everyone who loves the beach. You shouldn't pass up participating in the thrilling sports offered in this coastal town. There are various locations to visit in Karwar, from sparkling coastlines to thriving, lush woods, perfect picturesque views, and magnificent mountains.In Karwar, there are plenty of tourist attractions. Anashi Waterfall, Kurumgad Island, Koodi Bagh Beach, Devbagh Beach, and many other places are among the best.

  • Karwar Beach : Rabindranath Tagore Beach is also known as Karwar Beach, and it can be found in Karwar City, which is situated on the Arabian Sea's coast in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, India. It's a tranquil, quiet beach with peace and serenity all around, which is good for the mind. Have a lot of outdoor activities as well. There is a playground available, and nearby there is a fish museum and a war museum that may also be visited. Karwar is one of the best places for tourists to visit since it is a harbor city with evergreen geography that is bordered by hills from the Western Ghats on one side, the Arabian Sea on the other, and the powerful Kali River that runs through the city. It puts it among the top destinations for travelers in the area. About 70 kilometers from Goa, 60 km from Gokarn, 271 km from Mangalore, and 528 km from Bangalore are Karwar's distances. Mumbai is 659 kilometers away, Belgaum is 176 km away, and Hubli is 170 km away.
  • Kurumgad Island : Kurumgad Island is yet another one of Karwar's well-known locations. This island, which covers the well-known Narasimha Temple, is renowned for having a tortoise-like shape. Due to the temple's presence, this island has seen an increase in foot traffic. All year long, you may observe a tonne of pilgrims flooding into and out of this island. You can participate in a wide variety of activities on this island. Kurumgad Island is undoubtedly unique, offering you the option to participate in a variety of water activities and stroll around the old, derelict lighthouse.
  • Oyster Rock Lighthouse : Oyster Rock Lighthouse is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Karwar, having been built in the 1860s during British control. This incredibly exquisite colonial building is renowned for both its design and the old-world charm it radiates. This amazing structure, also known as the "Devgad Island Lighthouse," wears a dome with pride and allows you to see the entry to the lantern room. This specific location is perfect for admiring the lovely yellow hues of the sunrise and the sky lighted up by coral as the sun begins to set. This location boasts a breathtaking landscape, which is quite amazing.
  • Koodi Bagh Beach :Karwar has an abundance of beaches. When making a list of things to do in Karwar, one spot you shouldn't forget to include is Koodi Bagh. Beautifully placed Koodi Bagh Beach lies at the meeting point of the pure Kali River and the mighty Arabian Sea. The beach is surrounded by glistening white sands, turquoise waves, and nodding palm trees. Its surroundings are serene. Along the sandy shore, you may see several classic fishermen's homes.
  • Tilmati Beach : When in Karwar, you should think about visiting Tilmati Beach if you are feeling really daring. Essentially, this beach is a beachfront that can only be reached on foot. As gorgeous as it gets, the entire trekking trail. The basaltic black coloured sand was the one notable feature that brought popularity to this beach. The beautiful natural wonder that is this sand, which resembles sesame seeds in some ways, is sure to steal your breath away. Despite being very brief, this entire experience has been incredibly thrilling

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