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Somewhere in coastal Karnataka, lies a suburb about 5 kilometers from the center of the temple city Udupi, south western India. Manipal was only a barren hillock six decades ago and now it is one of the most cosmopolitan towns of India. This “Campus Town” welcomes students and people from all over the world to spread their dreams and rise high. Manipal got this vision when Dr. T.M.A. Pai founded the Kasturba Medical College and the Manipal Institute of Technology, all of which became a part of Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It is a home for rich cultural diversity and even richer biodiversity. Walking into Manipal you can never miss the hotspots of young bloods like Drinking Temple. It is a place to visit if you love to have multiple tastes in your life. From architecture, beach, lake, falls to one of the largest Museum of Anatomy & Pathology, Manipal will never fail to satisfy your quest for knowledge, lovely friends with blissful life and one with nature experience.

Things to do in Manipal

  • Manipal Lake: Manipal Lake never fails to attract the tourists due to its pulchritude. The town derives its name from this Lake. Situated at a distance of 4kms from the center of Udupi and about 2kms from the MIT campus, Manipal Lake is a decent place for an evening walk with lush green surroundings and footpath along the periphery of the lake. An evening sunset along with small birds chirping by your side makes it serene. This place is colloquially called as Manna Palla which means “mud lake” in Tulu language. It is 400m in diameter and was formed due to the removal of clay soil from the area, gradually resulting in the formation of a large lake of where rainwater is collected. It has become home for many migrant birds. One best thing is they offer boating facility which makes us travel with nature.
  • Arbi Falls: If you are a cataractophile, this is where you have to set your heart to climb a few stepping stones. Hidden away near Manipal and at a distance of 2kms from the MIT campus, the falls is also called as Parapaddy falls or Nitte Arbi falls. With water rushing down rocky boulders and a forming a shallow pool sorts, the place is a breathtaking and a perfect place to go on a short hike with your chums. The stream is seasonal and best visited during the monsoons.
  • Museum of Anatomy and Pathology (MAP): This museum is the featuring home of humans and animal specimens including skeleton and diseased organs. The museum boasts of over 3000 specimens and samples of anatomical things like the skull of an elephant, a whale and the long skeleton of a King Cobra. The huge skeleton smack dab in the middle of the museum in the anatomy section will be an astonishing experience. Seeing the carefully crafted models and charts of various animals and the well-preserved specimens of human body from head to toe and everything in-between gives us awe. The museum is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on all days except public holidays.
  • Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum: Walking through this open-air museum time travels to the Golden era. It features the Indian heritage of artifact, culture, textiles, toys, crafts and utensils. The glory is well preserved within the wall by a trust with absolutely no commercial activities inside the premises. It will be surprising to know that all these ancient heritage were collected by a simple passionate banker Vijayanath Shenoy. It is now home to 18 heritage houses. The village takes you into India’s rich heritage, supreme craftsmanship and architecture.
  • End Point: A cliff overlooking the Swarna River, as the sun finishes the day’s work and setting down its flary rays, the captivating stretch of Arabian seatowards the west and Western Ghats towards the East looks majestic captivating the heart of visitors. Adventure enthusiasts can have a quality trekking over here. It has a great park with a beautiful view of the landscape of Manipal. The garden for jogs is beautiful and you can casually watch a game of cricket or football while strolling. End point is exclusive to students and the faculty of MAHE. The timing is 6a.m to 8a.m, 4p.m to 6p.m.
  • DeeTee : The pathway for party animal is this DeeTee, formerly Down Town. This dim-lit, dark-interior, smoke-filled fragrance of liquor pub in a refuge for celebration of joy and sorrow. The bouncy feet never lose its beat to the rhythm of heavy music and the unconditional love and laughter of friends and friends-to-be. The place embraces a whole lot of colourful memories who walk inside the wooden door. The lovely scribblings on the wall upholds the nostalgic memories.

How to Reach

  • By Air - There are two main entry point for Manipal: Udupi (5kms from Manipal) and Mangalore (65kms away). Through air Mangalore is the nearest airport of 90mins drive by road. Domestic flights from New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and International flights from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain are available.
  • By Train - The closest railway station is 2kms away in Udupi and 65kms from Mangalore. Direct trains till Mangalore are available from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calicut, and Trivandrum.
  • By Road - there are direct buses from Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Goa to Manipal. Major cities in Karnataka, Kerala, and Goa are very well connected with Manipal.


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