Nalbari, Assam

Nalbari is a town and municipal board in the Nalbari district of Assam, India. The nation is renowned for its historic temples, beautiful scenery, and rich culture. People go from all over the world to this location to see the well-known temples, and they are mesmerized by its beauty, which includes vast expanses of rice fields and lush forests home to the rarest of creatures. Make Nalbari your vacation location to see the historic temples and take in the breathtaking natural scenery.

Places to visit

  • Billeshwar Temple : Billeshwar Temple devoted to God Krishna, dates back more than 500 years. It is thought that a Shivalinga was discovered here; hence it is fascinating to notice that a temple for Lord Krishna is being built on this spot. According to legend, a priest who lived here had a cow that routinely gave milk to a grass-like plant. The monarch of the state was interested, and he ordered that the site be dug up in order to find a Shivalinga on the spot. After the tragedy, a temple was built here, but it was dedicated to Krishna. Ahom King and Lakshmi Singha reconstructed the temple after it was destroyed by a natural disaster.
  • Distance: Billeshwar Temple is 27 kilometres away from Nalbari

  • Shripur Dewalay Mandir : Shripur Dewalay Mandir is thought to have been built by Sib Singha, an Ahom king. It is said that a piece of Goddess Parvati landed here when she was born as Sati on Earth. As a result, the temple is named after Goddess Parvati. In this temple, people perform Kali Puja and Durga Puja.
  • Distance: Shripur Dewalay Mandir is 13 kilometres away from Nalbari

  • Basudeb Devalay: Basudeb Devalay was born between the years of 1718 and 1744 AD. It was built by Sib Singha, an Ahom king. Sib Singha, King Sib Singha's brother, contributed by providing 64 bighas of land to Basudeb Devalay. The legend surrounding the construction of this temple is intriguing. A fisherman in this area is said to have been unable to pull his fishing net from a pond for seven days. On the seventh day, Lord Basudeb is supposed to have come in the sleep of a local and pleaded to be released from the net. Following that, the individual proceeded to the pond in search of two large stones. After King Sib Singha's efforts to remove the stones failed, he built a temple on the location.
  • Distance: Basudeb Devalay is 4.3 kilometres away from Nalbari

  • Daulashal Temple: The Daulashal Temple is devoted to Lord Krishna and his brother Balaram. Originally, a massive temple stood near a canal. Daulakhal was the name given to the location since temple refers to doul and canal refers to khal in the local language. The temple has been there for a long time and has witnessed Mughal invasions in this portion of the nation.

    Distance: Daulashal Temple is 34 kilometres away from Nalbari

How to Reach

  • The nearest airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, which is about an hour's drive from Nalbari. Taxis to and from Nalbari are available for excursions to and from Guwahati. Nalbari has its own station that connects to Guwahati and other places in the state. There are also direct trains from Delhi and Howrah. To get to Nalbari by vehicle, you should first go to Guwahati. The distance between Nalbari and Guwahati is approximately 60 kilometers and is served by both state-owned and commercial buses. Bus service is also accessible from adjacent cities.

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