‘Turmeric Capital of India,' the birthplace of Marathi drama, home to famous politicians, sugar belt of India, home to vintage and high-quality wine are some reasons that make Sangli a must visit destination. The city of Sangli is located in the southeastern part of Indian state of Maharashtra. The name Sangli is thought to have evolved from the term ‘Saha Galli,' literally meaning six lanes in Marathi. Famous attractions include the Ganpati Temple, with its beautiful architecture. It is a major landmark of the city and center for devotion. The mighty Sangli Fort built by Marathas is now serving as the Collector’s office. Many bridges built during the British era namely Irwin Bridge, Krishna Bridge, and Ankali Bridge, all associated with Krishna River are intriguing pieces of old age architecture. The Sagareshwar Sanctuary located around 30 km from the city is a protected area and a paradise for animal lovers. Miraj Dargah is a secular place of faith for everyone visiting this place. There are many options for shopping other than spice and wine from Sangli, making it a major commerce center for businessmen to invest. The great Spice Exchange Market in Mahaveer Nagar and Krishna Wine Park provide for exclusive souvenirs travelers can take with them from the city.


The people of Sangli are famously referred as ‘Sanglikars’. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people due to a large number of water resources available in the form of rivers and crops like sugarcane and turmeric are majorly produced here. The majority of the population in Sangli are Hindus, other communities are Muslims, Jains, Christians and Buddhists. Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra state and the most spoken language in Sangli. As Sangli shares borders with Karnataka, people living in the region speak Kannada language. Hindi and English are widely spoken and understood by the local people.


  • Ganpati Temple – This is one of the most famous places to visit in Sangli. One will never find this place empty of devotees. This temple was constructed by ThorleChintamanrao Patwardhan in the year 1843. Ganapati is considered the Guardian Deity of Sangli and the temple was constructed in his honour. The king had himself placed the idol in the temple himself. The most uncommon and attractive feature of this temple is black stone architecture. The entire area of the temple is about two acres. There is a platform, a large hall and a ‘Nagarkhana’. There is also the story that numerous meetings were held by freedom fighters here. This is definitely one of the important places to visit in Sangli.
  • Dandoba Hills Forest Reserve –This forest reserve is rich in flora and fauna and this is also one of those unexplored forests of India. There are many historical sites within the forest reserves that are waiting to be explored. The most popular temple here is the Shiva temple. Locals come here daily to offer their prayers. The hills of the forest reserve are ideal for a hiking tour and ideal for adventure seekers. There are also provisions for water sports at the Bhose Irrigation Lake. Make sure to get your swim wear when you come here so that you can enjoy in the waters of the lake. The most interesting fact about the place is that this could probably have been mentioned in the Epic Ramayana, as the forests of Dandakaranya which makes it one of the best places to see in Sangli.
  • Sangmeshwar Temple –Among the visiting places in Sangli, this one is a must visit destinations in Sangli. This temple of Sangmeshwar is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Being one of the most revered Gods in Hindu Mythology, there are a large number of devotees thronging this place. This has been a place of religious significance for a long time, given its historical and mythological significance. The significance of the temple is exponentially increased due to the fact that it is located at the junction of the River Krishna and the River Warna. Be sure that when you come here there will always be a large number of people offering their prayers.
  • Bahubali Hill Temple –This is one of the top tourist attractions in Sangli. This temple is located a little away from the main city of Sangli. The Bahubali hills are popularly known as Kumbhojgiri. It houses a 28 ft tall statue of the saint Bahubali. It is believed that the sage Bahubali meditated here 400 years ago. Worshippers come to this place from all over the country to offer their prayers. Apart from the statue there are also statues of the Tirthankaras. There are a number of other temples, each of which is named after the hills they are located on. The location of the temple itself presents a spectacular view to watch. Apart from offering prayers, one must definitely spend some time at the temple itself – the beauty of the surrounding hills makes climbing the 400 steps all the more worthwhile.
  • Sangli Fort –Today the Revenue and Collector’s Office, the Sangli Fort once constituted of the beautiful Rajwada Palace and a brilliant museum of its time. Built by the Peshwas, today there is also a Marathi School that runs here. It is called the Purohit Girl’s High School. The museum is still functional and draws in a large number of tourists. This is one of the most important places to visit in Sangli City. People who come to visit Sangli never miss out this place of historic interest. Opposite to the Sangli Fort is the Sangli Court.
  • Chandoli National Park –Among the places to visit in Sangli, this one is a must. It used to be a wildlife sanctuary previously. Currently, Chandoli National Park has the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve in its southern portion. In the northern portion of the forest is the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. This is quite a large National Park with a large variety of animals to see. The forest is a mix of the Malabar Coast moist forests and the North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests –given the fact that the National Park is located in the western coastal region. The trees like Indian Gooseberry, Crape Myrtle, Ajani Ironwood Tree, Jamun, Pisa, Katak, Spinous Kino tree are quite common here. There are also a large number of faunas found here – 23 species of mammals and 122 species of birds. Apart from that you will also come across 20 species of amphibians and reptiles – that are common in this area.


  • SFC Mega Mall
  • Surya Vita Mall
  • DYP City Mall
  • DY Patil Mall
  • Vasant Shopping Mall


'Bhadang' also known as flavoured rice puff, Bhadang from sangli is world famous and are exported in USA, UK, Canada, And Southeast Asia. 'BharalaWangi' also known as stuffed brinjal with bhakri is most famous food from sangli. The street food like vada pav, pav bhaji, bhel and missal pav are liked by all as favourite snack items.


  • Hotel Sai Deluxe
  • Icon Inn
  • Hotel Central Avenue
  • Hotel Krishna International
  • Hotel Akshram Deluxe


  • Winterfall Italian Finest
  • Naivedya
  • Natraj Annexe
  • Café Adda
  • Rahmatullah Restaurant


The 10-day festivities of the Ganpati festival post Ganesh Chaturthi, is celebrated with huge enthusiasm at the local Ganpati Temple and other locations in the city. Sangli is also home to Marathi Drama, so the city is also known as Natyapandhari (birthplace of drama).


  • Sangli State Museum – Sangli State Museum, Sangli, turned into erected inside the year 1954. It is placed in Sangli. The objects of display had been resplendent artwork, wood work, China pots, porcelain gadgets and multifarious artifacts. Visitors can get right of entry to the Museum, on any day, from 10.30 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. The constant holidays for the Museum, are Mondays, Republic Day or January 26, Independence Day, i.e., 15th August, International Labour's Day or 1st May, and fairs, together with Dusshera, Diwali and Holi.
    On show inside the Sangli State Museum are vintage age artwork, timber work, and ancient China pots. Informative lectures and movie shows are carried out every now and then. Guide services are provided to the visitors. The museum also houses a well ready library. Entry to the museum is unfastened. Photography in the museum calls for permission from the director. Museum is an group that cares for a group of artifacts and different gadgets of creative, cultural, historic, or clinical significance. Many public museums make these gadgets available for public viewing thru famous that can be permanent or brief.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Sangli is from October to February, when the monsoon ends and winter starts. The weather during this time is comfortable for going outdoors, as the temperature is in the range of 13°C to 30°C. The festival of Nag Panchami and Ganesh Chaturthi are major attractions here when the whole city is in a festive mood.

How to Reach

  • By Air: Sangli is located approximately 240 kilometres away from Pune International Airport, which is the closest international airport.
  • By Train: Sangli has a busy bus terminus for buses from different parts of Maharashtra and neighbouring states. The MSRTC (Maharashtra state Road Transport Corporation) operates semi luxury, deluxe and ordinary type buses for Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, Satara, Solapur, Nagpur, Nanded, Hyderabad and others. Private travel companies like Konduskar Travels, VRL, Khurana Travels are among the few companies plying buses from Sangli to other cities.
  • By Road: Sangli has its own railway station named Sangli Railway Station which connects it to Maharashtra’s major towns. Another railway junction apart from this one in the Sangli District is Miraj.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is Sangli located?

The city of Sangli is located in the southeastern part of Indian state of Maharashtra.

What is the best time to visit Sangli?

The best time to visit Sangli is from October to February, when the monsoon ends and winter starts.

How to reach Sangli?

Sangli can be reached either via flight, train or road, as it is connected to all other major towns of Maharashtra.

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