Silapathar, Assam

Silapathar is a city in the Indian state of Assam's Dhemaji district. The city is located on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River, 470 kilometers from Guwahati and only six kilometers from the Arunachal Pradesh border. Silapathar and Dibrugarh are linked by India's longest rail-road bridge. Silapathar is a small town in India that can be explored in a single day. In this town, there aren't many activities to do or places to visit.

Places to visit

  • Gerukamukh : Gerukamukh is one of Assam's most stunning natural areas. The river Subansiri, the greatest tributary of the Brahmaputra, meets it here. This region, surrounded by undulating hills and deep evergreen trees, is a favourite winter picnic spot for locals. Another popular pastime here is angling, which is enjoyed by both visitors and locals. Gerukamukh is especially significant since it is the site of the under-construction Subansiri Dam, commonly known as the Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Power Project. When completed, this will be India's largest hydroelectric power plant, capable of generating enormous volumes of hydroelectric electricity for Assam and other states as needed.
  • Distance: Gerukamukh is 61 kilometers away from Silapathar

  • Malinithan : Malinithan temple is located on the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border. This place is popular with history buffs and archaeologists since it contains many relics. This location is both religiously significant for residents and a popular tourist destination. This shrine was devoted to Goddess Malini, also known as Parvati, as the name implies. Some historical artifacts have been uncovered and excavated at this site, adding to the mystique of this location. The temple's remains indicate that it was erected with granite stones under the Aryan influence. Many idols of Durga and Shiva have been discovered at this location, demonstrating that Shakti was worshiped by the locals.
  • Distance: Malinithan is 7.3 kilometers away from silapathar

  • Ghuguha Dol : Ghuguha Dol, a temple and historical landmark, was established in commemoration of Queen Ghuguhi, the wife of then-Ahom King Tyao Khamti. According to mythology, Bamuni Konwar, son of Tyao Khamti and his wife Ghuguhi, breathed his first breath on the grounds of this shrine.
  • Distance: Ghuguha Dol is 67 kilometers away from silapathar

How to Reach

  • By Air- Chabua Airport is the closest. Silapathar is about 25 kilometers distant.
  • By Train- Regular trains run to Silapathar from all major cities in the country.

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