Mansa, Gujarat

Mansa is a town a former princely state in Gandhinagar district of Gujarat, India.

Places to visit

  • Gaushala Khokhar kalan : Mansa's recently erected Gaushala is a popular weekend retreat. It has a lot of cows. It has a beautiful park with a lake, a boat, a children's activity area, and a temple. The village of Khokar Kalan, about 7-8 kilometers from Mansa city, is the finest place to connect with the culture and find some peace of mind. This facility welcomes visitors of all ages.
  • Distance: Gaushala Khokhar kalan is 45 kilometres away from Mansa

  • Mahudi Jain Temple: The Mahudi Jain Temple in Gandhinagar was built over 2000 years ago and holds the infamous idol of Ghantakarna Mahavir Dev, which is said to have amazing powers. Hundreds of devotees, both Jain and non-Jain, gather here to pray to this idol and seek the Lord's blessings. After making a request, believers climb 30 feet to ring a bell to have their wishes granted.
  • Distance: Mahudi Jain Temple is 18 kilometres away from Mansa

  • Rani Roopmati's Mosque: Rani Roopmati's mosque is an architectural treasure of Gujarat, featuring a unique blend of Hindu and Mughal style. The mosque, which was built in the early 1400s, is dedicated to Rani Roopmati, the Hindu wife of the Sultan of Ahmedabad. The opulent pillars, finely carved walls and magnificent three-dimensional ornamentation will leave you speechless.
  • Distance: Rani Roopmati's Mosque is 52 kilometres away from Mansa

  • Swapna Srushti Water Park: Swapna Srushti Water Park is located near Ahmedabad in Gujarat on the Gandhinagar-Mahudi Highway. The park is one of the most popular in the city, with a variety of water and standard rides, an adjacent amusement park, and a café to satisfy your hunger. The park, which spans 130 acres, also features artificial waterfalls, a snowfall area, a fog and rain area, and a children's playground.
  • Distance: Swapna Srushti Water Park is 12 kilometres away from Mansa

How to Reach

  • By Air - The nearest airport to Mansa is at Bathinda, about 60 kilometers away.
  • By Train - Mansa is served by Northern Railways and has its own railway station. Direct trains run between Delhi, Bombay, Howrah Jn., Dibrugarh, Bathinda, Shri Ganga Nagar, Lalgarh, and Ferozpur.

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