Caves at Badami

Badami cave temples are a group of rock-cut Hindu and Jain cave temples located in Badami, a town in the northern part of the south Indian state of Karnataka , India.

These caves are situated on the bank of a man-made lake with an earthen wall and stone steps leading to it, and is on two sides by forts that were built in the later years.


The Badami caves temples date back to 6thcentury AD. Between 6th and 8th centuries A.D, Badami had been the capital of the Chalukya dynasty, which ruled most of the land that is Karnataka today, during the time.


The caves at Badami manifest a classic Indian rock-cut architecture, (including, especially Badami Chalukya architecture, which originated in the region in around early 6th century).

These cave temples are known to be some of the earliest built Hindu temples in the Deccan region (i.e., the regions combining the Indian states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh), and are numbered according to the order in which they’re built.

Caves 1 to 4 are built using sandstone formations. Cave 1, consists of various divine sculptures and carvings including one of Nataraja – that is, the statue of Lord Shiva in his dancing or “Tandava” pose .

Cave 2 is another Hindu cave (temple) with Hindu inscriptions and a huge relic related to Lord Vishnu (the creator).

Cave 3 is the largest Hindu cave temple, and also the most intricately carved of all, while Cave 4 is dedicated to Jainism.

Various other caves are said to have been discovered here in the following years (one in 2015!) many of which also include interesting carvings and other elements.

Additional Information for Visitors

Badami caves is open to visitors between 6 AM and 6 PM every day, on all days of the week.

An entry fee of INR 20 per head is applicable here for every Indian national (adult) visitor and SAARC or BIMSTEC citizens; and for other foreign citizens (adult), the entrance fee applicable is INR 250 per head.

Badami can be reached by air, rail or road.

Badami Cave

Situated in Badami town in the north-central part of Karnataka, the Badami Caves houses rock-cut temples from the 6th and 7th centuries from the time of the Chaulakya dynasty and reflects the grandeur of Indian architecture and craftsmanship. The Chaulakya Kind Mangalesa (598-610 AD) was responsible for the construction of these 4 cave temples from which three are Brahmanical depicting Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and the fourth one is Jain.

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