Belgaum, Karnataka

Belgaum, also known as Belagavi, is nestled in the northern foothills of the western ghats in Karnataka. The mesmerizing lush green forests, mountains and rivers carve its stunning landscapes. The city shares its borders with Maharashtra and Goa and historically dates back to the 12th century AD. The Belgaum fort constructed in 1519, snuggles in the centre of the town and houses bygone mosques, Jain temples, the beauty of which leaves the visitors enthralled. The splendour of its architecture and historical remnants is bound to transport you back in time.

The second capital of Karnataka, the city has a great share of religious monuments that will help in rekindling with your spiritual side. The natural beauty of Belgaum with its breath-taking waterfalls and misty hills will make you want to visit the place again. This emerald green city also holds a lot of notable attractions like Jamboti and Amboli Hills, Vajrapoha Falls, Gokak Falls, Kapileshwar Temple, Saundatti and so on. Also, Dandeli is 86 km from Belgaum and allows the explorers to indulge in adventure water sports as well.


Belgaum’s rich literary and cultural heritage dates back to more than a thousand years. A fine amalgamation of the Marathi and Kannada customs exists here. Each tradition finds its place in the heart of people in its own way. A variety of cultural organizations in the district have played a significant role in keeping the traditions alive. In fact, Belgaum played host to the second World Kannada Meet which was held in the city in March 2011, to celebrate and enrich the city’s tradition and culture. Festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and Eid-Ul-Fitr are celebrated all over the city with full zest. The influence of many cultures can be vividly experienced, in the celebration of these festivals. The cuisine of Belgaum is known to be an exclusive mix of flavours from Maharashtra and Karnataka. Also, a specific sweet known as “Kunda” is very popular here, travellers as well as natives buy it in hoards for their family and friends. Belgaum is also quite famous for saree manufacturing industries.


  • Belgaum Fort – The Belgaum Fort is a popular tourist attraction located in Belgaum. The state of Karnataka recently honoured it as the ‘state heritage monument’. It served as an impenetrable barricade against the violent attacks of the enemies. Mahatma Gandhi was also imprisoned here during the Freedom Movement of India. The Belgaum Fort has an adjoining lake, called the Fort Lake on which is a Floating Cafeteria. It is well maintained, and there are pedal boats as well as motorboats available for tourists.
  • Kapileshwar – Kapileshwar Temple is a holy shrine in Belgaum City, dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered as the southern Kashi. The temple is located beside the Shahpur Flyover which connects the central city of Belgaum to Shahpur. It is believed that the visit and darshan of the 12 Jyotirlinga scattered all over India will remain incomplete unless started from Kapileshwar Temple. The Shivalinga here is said to have self-incarnated, and the inscriptions in Kamal Basti have references to the temple and say that the temple might have been opened in 1000 AD. In a similar way as in Kashi, devotees are allowed access to the Shivalinga up close. There is a rare cluster of Banyan, Peepal and Ficus trees in the Compound of the Temple. The temple is open for devotees from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day. Kapileshwar Temple is visited by a massive wave of devotees during the Mahashivratri.
  • Gokak Falls – Gokak Falls is known for its beautifully turbulent waters gushing over the rocks and down to a fall of 52 metres (170 feet). This humongous waterfall has a 170 meter long, hanging rope suspension bridge built over it that which allow visitors to walk right above the fall and feel the wind pushed by the river. The falls are located 60 km from Belgaum city.
  • Fort Lake – The Fort Lake, also known as Kote Kere is one of the picnic spots of Belgaum City. Fort Lake is situated right in front of the Durga Temple entrance of the Belgaum Fort, welcoming tourists to the city. The Fort Lake has lush greenery surrounding it with walkways along its boundary with a regular crowd taking strolls.
  • Kamal Basti – ‘Kamal Basadi’ also known as Kamal Basti is a 10th century Jain Temple built under the reign of Ralta Dynasty. The temple was built earlier in 1204 AD by Bichirja, a minister of Kartavirya IV. Two hundred years ago, the idol of lord Neminath was found in the jungle. The temple was built inside the Belgaum fort, along with Chikki Basti, which in the present time remains as a ruin. The name Kamal Basti is derived from the appearance of the temple as a lotus with 72 petals. Each petal consists of the name of the 24 Tirthankaras, for each period, carved on them. Today the monument has become a monumental structure, representing the chalukya style of architecture.
  • Ramakrishna Mission Ashram – Located in the Belgaum Fort compound, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram is a calm and quiet place serving as a retreat to its visitors from the bustle of Belgaum. The building where Swami Vivekananda stayed for nine days when he visited Belgaum in 1892 was handed over to the Ramakrishna Mission for Spiritual and Social purposes. The ashram was built in 2001, right after the renovation of the existing was completed.


  • Trek to the Gokak Falls – Belgaum has a number of waterfalls near the city making it a suitable place for trekking. Imagine yourself on a trek to reach the most splendid views of white waters gushing down the rocks. Trekking activities take place at Gokak Fall, Phanaswadi Waterfall, Sada Falls, Kalsa& Vajra Waterfall and Shimbola Falls.
  • Bhimgad Adventure Camp – The Bhimgad Adventure Camp offers you accommodation plus trek, birdwatching, mountain biking, nature trails, etc. You can also enjoy climbing, abseiling, rope walk and bridge crossing at near Khanapur Taluka Jungle Waterfall. If you get lucky, you may spot a couple of birds out of the species of Asian Koel, Grey Wagtail, Ashy Priniya, Bee Eater, Long Tailed Shrike and many others.
  • Shopping for Brass and Wooden items –Belgaum is known for its brass and wood products. Here you can get best deals on brass utensils, showpieces, jewellery and travel souvenirs. You will also find a wide range of wooden toys and utensils. So, after all the fun you have in the city, grab some souvenirs for your loved ones and yourself.


  • Khade Bazaar –Every city has a great Market that sells almost anything. For Belgaum City, the universal market is located on the Khade Bazaar Street and Ganpat Galli. The market sees a substantial inflow of people every day. Khade Bazaar is a 1 km stretch of road turned a marketplace that offers a wide variety of articles from Electronics to Fashion updates, every day needs to party preparations, Restaurants to Street food stalls. The market of Khade Bazaar and Ganpat Galli experiences the busiest days on Saturdays when people from all over the city come for their weekly shopping. The market opens at 9:30 AM and closes at around 10 PM on regular days and stays open till 11:30 PM during Festivals.
    The most festive environment in Khade Bazaar is witnessed during the holy month of Ramazan, and the surge is unusually high on the last three days of the Ramazan and Eid-al-Fitr. Similarly, the neighbouring Ganpat Galli is filled with lights and music during the Ganesh Chaturthi, and the festivities reach the sky on the day of Ganesh Visarjan.
  • Ramdev Galli –Ramdev Galli is a vibrant market in Belgaum, where shoppers can find an extensive range of sarees, dress materials, and other textiles. The market is famous for its beautiful silk sarees and intricate embroidery, making it a must-visit destination for saree shopping in Belgaum.
  • Angol Market –Angol Market is a bustling shopping destination in Belgaum, known for its affordable clothing, accessories, and household items. The market offers a wide range of products, making it an ideal destination for budget-conscious shoppers.


  • Phone City Mall -
  • C Square Mall -
  • Nucleus Mall - Nucleus Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Belgaum, offering a diverse range of retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment facilities. With a multitude of national and international brands, this mall provides a one-stop shopping destination for locals and tourists alike.


Belagavi food is highly dominated by Karnataka’s Cuisine but it also has a tinge of Maharashtrian and Goan influence. Treat your taste buds at some local food stalls to experience the authentic taste of Belagavi cuisine but do not miss to eat Karadantu and BelgaviKunda which is a local sweet.Belgaum is famous for sweets and savories such as katchidabeli, alipaak, pav bhaji, pani puri, chat snack, and mandige. It is also called 'Kunda Nagari' because of its signature sweet dish Sweet Kunda.


  • Fairfield by Marriott, Belagavi
  • UK 27 The Fern, Belagavi
  • Native by Chancery Hotels
  • Hotel Sankam Residency
  • Treebo Trend Elite Residency


  • Saffron Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Kava
  • Niyaaz
  • Cosmo Kadhae
  • Zaara Café and Restaurant


  • Soul Sip Resto-Bar – Soul Sip Resto-Bar is located in the city’s heart and is known for its lively atmosphere, delicious food, and great drinks. The restaurant’s unique decor features rustic brick walls, pendant lighting, and bar seating where patrons can observe mixologists shaking up cocktails.Their impressive selection of beverages will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. You can choose from classics made with fresh ingredients, twisted versions of old favorites, or even try something new.Moreover, the pub also hosts live music performances that feature local singers and bands.
  • The Booze Panda – The Booze Panda is a relatively new pub in the city, but it has managed to carve out a niche with its imaginative drinks and cozy atmosphere. The interior of this one of the amazing night clubs in Belgaum is decked out in rustic wood paneling, dim Edison bulbs, and modern art pieces on the wall. There’s also a well-stocked bar, and the staff is knowledgeable about mixology techniques.
  • Nuts N’ Spices – Nuts N’ Spices is one of the popular pubs in Belgaum among the young crowd. With its modern decor, DJs mixing popular music at high volume, and a dance floor with LED lighting that pulses in sync with the beats, it’s sure to get you grooving.The club also features private booths where you can relax with your friend. If you’re feeling peckish, their in-house kitchen serves continental dishes and some of the best burgers in the city as well.
  • The Underground – The Underground is a unique pub in Belgaum that looks like a tunnel with a graffiti-covered interior. The amazing dim lighting sets the mood for an intimate evening with friends. Plus, they serve an extensive selection of beverages. Their bartenders can whip up customized drinks based on your preferences too.
  • Sorelle Rest-o-Bar – For a relaxed evening in a chic setting, head to Sorelle Rest-o-Bar. This is one of the amazing pubs in Belgaum. It has a stunning outdoor seating area with plants, twinkling lights, and cozy seating arrangements. The ambiance is romantic. The food is delicious. And their menu offers a balance of North Indian, Italian and Oriental dishes and a well-curated drinks menu.
  • 32 The Lounge – Located on the top floor of a prominent building, 32 The Lounge offers panoramic views of the city accompanied by chilled-out music and great drinks. Everything about this pub exudes sophistication, from the understated decor to the attentive service.Their cocktail list includes traditional, modern, and seasonal drinks and a range of non-alcoholic concoctions. Also, we personnel recommend pairing your drinks with their platter of juicy kebabs or sushi.


Belgaum culture is largely influenced by the Marathi and Kannada people as it is inhabited by both of these communities. Festival forms an integral part of the culture and hence the influence of multi-cultures can vividly be seen on the celebrations of festivals in Belgaum. Belgaum celebrates with full zest all major national festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Id-ul-Fitr, Christmas, etc. Apart from these festivals Belgaum hosts many other festivals and fairs with much pomp and show. Sri Yellamma Devi Fair is an important fair of Karnataka state and is organized in the Belgaum district. The fair is attended by thousands of people across Karnataka state. Godachi Fair is another major fair of Karnataka held at Ramdurg tahsil in Belgaum. The fair is visited by thousands of devotees from far and wide.


  • Swami Vivekananda Memorial
  • SangolliRaayanna Memorial Museum

Best time to visit

November to February is the best time to visit Belgaum when the cold slightly sets in and the weather remains pleasant. Avoid summer months. The rainy season is also preferred by tourists as they get to view the resplendent beauty of the waterfalls and revel in the lush greenery of the city.

How to Reach

  • By Flight: Belgaum Airport is nearly 500 Kms and 525 Kms from Mumbai and Bangalore respectively. The nearest airport is located in Sambra and is only connected by domestic flight. SpiceJet connects Belgaum with all the major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad.
  • By Train: The beautiful destination is well connected to the major cities such as Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Pune, Mumbai etc. The Belgaum Railway Station is an 'A' category station that comes under the South Western Railways and is one of the oldest stations of the region.
  • By Road: Belgaum is well connected to National Highway 4, which connects Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The car ride is serene, and the journey holds long stretches of stunning hills and waterfalls which will give you the ultimate road-trip experience. Travellers can also easily take KRTC Bus service in Karnataka which connects it with the other neighbouring states. Also, a wide range of private buses also are available to Belgaum.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best time to visit Belgaum?

November to February is the best time to visit Belgaum when the cold slightly sets in and the weather remains pleasant. Avoid summer months. The rainy season is also preferred by tourists as they get to view the resplendent beauty of the waterfalls and revel in the lush greenery of the city.

What is the best way to reach Belgaum?

Belgaum is accessible by road, railway as well as flight. There are many government and private buses going to Belgaum from the major cities in Karnataka. The Belgaum Railway Station is one of the oldest in the region and comes under the South Western Railways and the airport is situated in Sambra, 10 kilometres east of the city.

What are the places near Belgaum?

The top places near to Belgaum are Goa which is 81 km from Belgaum, Gokarna which is located 145 km from Belgaum, Chorla ghat which is located 46 km from Belgaum, Dandeli which is located 66 km from Belgaum, Amboli which is located 54 km from Belgaum

What are the things to do in Belgaum?

The top things to do in Belgaum are Belgaum Fort, Kapileshwar, Gokak Falls, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Kamal Basti, Fort Lake (Kote Kere).

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