India has some of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world, and there’s hardly any chance for people to get bored here. Indians have a plethora of options to spend leisure time, and people from other countries too, come here a lot to spend leisurely vacations. The reason behind this are ideal spots in the country that offer ample opportunity and various options to choose from for killing boredom.

India has options ranging from popular heritage buildings and colourful attractions to fascinating beaches and secluded nature spots like beautiful hill stations. So, when it comes to leisurely vacations, India never disappoints.

Some of the top leisurely things people can do in India (when bored or not in the mood for a nap) include:

Heritage tours (Architecture and history buffs)

Being a country that has a rich history and heritage, India is full of ancient monuments and museums that can provide ample heritage tours. History buffs and architecture enthusiasts can never get bored in India as the options to explore and learn about or visit (even for a second or third time!) are plenty.

Explore offbeat places

if one has some extra time on hands and no idea how to spend it, there many intriguing and offbeat places in the country (many of which are practically hidden) which can be delightful to explore. People can delve into them when they are anywhere near these locations, and would like to find interesting things to do.

Some such places in the country include – Ziro (in Arunachal Pradesh – North East India), Patan (Gujarat in the west), Sikkim (North East India), Ashtaranga Beach (Odisha in the east), Butterfly Beach in Goa, Minicoy Island (In Lakshadweep – South), Idukki (Kerala) and Yercaud (Tamil Nadu) in the South – just to name a few.

These are said to be India’s best kept secrets, which many, even in the country do not know much about, as most of these are unexplored and some less-explored. But these definitely will make for ideal spots that people can have some good time at, either reading, walking, sightseeing or doing other activities with family or friends.

Royal Indian luxury experiences

People can get a taste of royalty at palace-turned hotels and resorts around the country, like Udaipur palace, Taj Falaknuma palace, etc which offer such experiences or even go on tours in popular luxury trains in North India like Heritage on Wheels and Palace on Wheels passing by famous heritage destinations like Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, and Agra, while enjoying delicious food items that belong to centuries old Mughlai or royal Rajasthani (Marwari) or Nawabi cuisines that consist of foods made with rich ingredients like pure ghee, heavy cream and aromatic Indian spices.


For people with an adventurous spirit India has many adventurous activities at various locations such as Bungee jumping and river rafting, paragliding, Trekking and rock climbing, Sky diving, scuba diving, wild safaris, hot air ballooning, and so on.

Exploring Herbal Products and Ayurveda

India is the land where herbal medicine (Ayurveda) originated, and so there are various herbal treatments, spas and skin care and haircare products in the country to explore, experience or shop for. If not in the mood for a relaxed spa session, people can shop for these herbal oils, lotions, creams and haircare products and even learn about mild herbal remedies and techniques that they can use.


There are various markets (Bazaars) in India with colourful options from clothes and accessories to spices, sweets and so on. One can spend a whole day at such markets and may find many amazing things to take home from here! Even if not looking to shop, these Bazaars are great for whiling away time doing window shopping, clicking interesting pictures with colourful backdrops and indulging in flavourful street delicacies.

Savour flavourful Indian food

For all the foodies out there, India is nothing less than a food lovers’ paradise! With delicacies unique to almost every single region in the country, the number of food items to try are countless – irrespective of whether you live in India or visiting from any other country. The country has delightful food options for everyone to try or indulge in – including vegetarians, non-vegetarians or vegans! In fact, you can do a food tour in the country for weeks if you wish to, and still not be able to cover everything there is!

Apart from these, one can find many more options within each, that people can delve into based on their interests - like learning/buying handicrafts, learning an Indian language or learning basic Indian cooking, visiting Ashrams or hermitages, visiting spiritual centres like temples or mosques, so on and so forth. There is a bounty of things to do in the country, which is why it is such a great getaway destination and a spot for vacations with family, friends or solo!

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