Sivasagar, Assam

Sivasagar is a city in Assam and the administrative centre of the Sivasagar district and it lies approximately 360 kilometers northeast of Guwahati. It's famous for its Ahom palaces and monuments. Today, Sivasagar is a significant location for the tea and oil industries.

Places to visit

  • Talatal Ghar : The Talatal Ghar, or Rangpur Palace, is located in northern Assam and is one of the most outstanding specimens of Tai Ahom architecture. It is not only a worthy testament to Assamese culture and history, but it is also the world's largest Ahom monument.The upper ground level of the Talatal Ghar, also known as Kareng Ghar, has a characteristic Mughal architectural style and was utilized as a live-in palace by Assam's monarchy. During his reign, Raja Swargdeo Rudra Singha, the heir of Swargdeo Rajeswar Singha, erected these top stories, transforming the Talatal Ghar into an elegant and absolutely stunning seven-story royal residence. This magnificent edifice was constructed entirely of organic materials: bricks and organic cement (a mixture of rice powder and duck eggs). What is particularly remarkable is that this construction has stood tall and sturdy for millennia.
  • Distance: Talatal Ghar is 4.5 kilometres away from Sivasagar

  • Rang Ghar : Rang Ghar is one of Asia's oldest remaining amphitheaters. It is located three kilometers from Sibsagar or Sivasagar town, near Rangpur Palace. The name, which translates to "House of Entertainment," dates back to 1746 A.D., when the Ahoms ruled modern-day Assam. This monument is a significant structure that reflects the architectural perfection and majesty of the time.The two-story structure was originally erected by Ahom monarch Swargadeo Pramatta Singha to be used by Ahom kings and nobles to watch games such as buffalo battles and other athletic events performed in the adjoining Rupahi Pathar. During the Rangauli Bihu celebration, it served as a royal sports pavilion. Rang Ghar was chosen as the logo for the 33rd National Games in Assam in 2007 because of its rich historical significance. However, the monument's current condition is rather precarious. At least 35 visible fissures in the walls have been caused by frequent earthquakes and seismic studies. Nonetheless, its elegance and magnificence make a visit worthwhile.
  • Distance: Rang Ghar is 3.6 kilometres away from Sivasagar

  • Charaideo: Sukhapa, the founder of the Ahom dynasty, erected this. Charaideo's main draw is its burial vaults (or maidans) for the monarch and members of the Ahom dynasty.These vaults, made of stones and bricks, are now in ruins.Charaideo's magnificent architecture comprises underground vaults with domed chambers covered by earthen mounds that resemble hillocks. Each hillock had a small open pavilion called "chow-chali," which was composed of bricks and stones.
  • Distance: Charaideo is 28 kilometres away from Sivasagar

How to Reach

  • Jorhat, about 75 kilometers from Sivasagar, has the nearest airport. On a daily basis, multiple planes connect Jorhat with major cities such as Kolkata, Delhi, and Bengaluru. Sivasagar is served by the Sibsagar Town Railway Station. This railway station serves as a hub for various local and express trains. Sivasagar's roadways connect to major cities such as Guwahati, Itanagar, and Tezpur. There are various buses, both commercial and state-run, that provide transit from Assam's major cities to Sivasagar. Local transit options include shuttle cars and auto-rickshaws.

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