Tinsukia, Assam

Tinsukia is an Assam industrial district. One of the tourist spots in Assam that offers opportunities for leisure and entertainment is Tinsukia. It is one of the country's most major tea-growing and processing districts.

Places to visit

  • Dibru Saikhowa National Park : Dibru Saikhowa National Park is one of those sites with a diverse range of flora and animals, many of which are endangered. It is one of the few remaining protected areas in the Assamese Plains' Endemic Bird Area. Dibru Saikhowa National Park is a river island national park that is one of the world's 19 biodiversity hotspots. One of the park's seven sections includes a marsh, and the rest is mostly grasslands and dense forest. White-winged Wood Duck, Bengal Florican, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Spotted-billed Pelican, White-bellied Heron, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Swamp Partridge, Jerdon's Babbler, Black-breasted Parrotbill, and Striated Grassbird can all be seen in their natural habitat, as can the royal Bengal tiger, hoolock gibbons, and leopards. Yellow Weaver, Marsh Babbler, and Swamp Prinia. you can only visit the park by trekking, however boat service is offered to take you to other locations. Because there are no roads, and hence no jungle safaris or elephant rides.
  • Distance: Dibru Saikhowa National Park is 44 kilometres away from Tinsukia

  • Bell Temple : The Bell Temple is a popular tourist attraction in town. It is named after Lord Shiva. A big banyan tree in the compound, also known as the Tilinga Temple, where "Tilinga" refers for "bell," is tied all over with lovely bells by worshippers. They believe that by doing so, they will have their wishes granted.
  • Distance: Bell Temple is 14 kilometres away from Tinsukia

  • Sadiya: Sadiya is one of Tinsukia's sub-divisional headquarters. It is located at the confluence of three main rivers: the Dihing (Tsangpo in Tibet), the Dibang, and the Lohit, which form the great Brahmaputra. It is located on a grassy plain at an elevation of around 400 feet. Sadiya is a small town with exceptional scenic beauty and a rich historical heritage. This city is well known for its "Satful" flower. The broad plains and white sand decorating the river sides make it a lovely tourist attraction. A trip on the Brahmaputra by boat or ferry can be a magical experience. Sadiya is best known as the birthplace of the Sutiya dynasty and for its Tameshwari shrine. It is a Shakti temple that may be reached by ferry from the Dhola Ghat. Because of its exquisite architecture, it is an important site for archaeologists. The temple's roof is entirely composed of copper (called "tam" in Assamese). As a result, the name. There are numerous other Shaivik temples where Deori tribes once worshiped. Burha-Burhi Thaan and Boiragi Thaan are two of the most important.
  • Distance: Sadiya is 57 kilometres away from Tinsukia

How to Reach

  • By Air - Tinsukia's nearest airport is Chabua Airport, which is located in Dibrugarh. It's about 41 kilometers away. Jorhat's Rowriah Airport is 141 kilometers away.
  • By Railways - The city's principal railway stations are Tinsukia Junction and New Tinsukia Junction. Regular trains connect this location to major cities such as Kolkata, Kanpur, and Delhi. There are also local trains to adjacent locations.
  • By Road - Tinsukia has an important bus station, and buses run from places such as Dibrugarh, Jorhat, and Guwahati. The distance from Guwahati is around 491 kilometers.

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