Jodhpur is a city in the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan. It is the second largest city in the state (by area). A majority of the city’s buildings are painted in blue color (a mixture of copper sulphate and limestone – this was actually used to mainly wards off bugs, but also added a pleasant look) and hence the city is also often referred to as the “Blue city”.

And yes, this is where Jodhpur pants got their name from - these baggy breeches/pants which are now famous across the world were originally designed by the Maharaja of Jodhpur's son, Pratap Singh, and were worn by his polo team when visiting the Queen of England in 1897.


Jodhpur has many historical monuments, temples, parks and gardens and other attractions. Here are some of the popular places to visit/check out in Jodhpur:

  • Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park – A beautiful park with lots of rocks forming the pathways and added for decorations; lots of flora and fauna.
  • Ghanta Ghar – Clock Tower of Jodhpur.
  • Balsamand Lake and Garden – A pretty lake with a garden and also an open-garden restaurant by it.


If you are planning a trip to Jodhpur, do not forget to pay a visit to these below listed places :

  • Mehrangarh Fort – A 15th-century fort, which is a former palace and now a museum, displaying weapons, paintings and elaborate royal palanquins (sedan chairs).
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace – A beautiful grand palace that is now turned into a 5-star hotel, which also has a museum and sprawling gardens.
  • Jaswant Thada – A stunning monument made entirely of pure white marble, and having intricate carvings on it.
  • Phool Mahal – Though the name translates to “Flower Fort”, this is a fort that is full of little mirrors on the inside.
  • Maha Mandir – A prominent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, and having many sculptures and carvings of floral designs and yoga postures.
  • Central Methodist Church – A church established in the year India got independence from the British.
  • Raj Ranchchod Ji Temple – A temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, and built in 1905; It is now one of the most visited Krishna temples in India.


Some of the popular festivals celebrated in Jodhpur are:

  • Marwar Festival of Jodhpur – This festival is celebrated between the months of September and October, to honour the local heroes and warriors who died fighting to protect this land. 
  • Navratri (a 10-day Hindu festival, where Goddess Durga is worshipped).
  • Gangaur festival – the most important local festival in Rajasthan; dedicated to goddess Gauri (the consort of Lord Shiva). People pray for marital happiness and bliss during this festival.
  • Diwali – The festival of Lights; India’s most popular and widely celebrated festival.


Some great museums to check out in Jodhpur are:

  • Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum – A museum inside Umaid Bhawan palace (a palace turned hotel).
  • Mehrangarh Fort – A palace-turned-museum that has a display of ancient weapons, paintings and elaborate royal palanquins (sedan chairs).
  • Toorji ka Jhalra – (literally translating to Toorji’s wells) a set of step wells leading to a small pond.


Jodhpur also has a scintillating shopping scene – esp. street markets.  From various kinds of traditional clothing like saris, to small décor items for the home and handicrafts, there is a lot to shop for at Jodhpur. Here are some of the best places for shopping in Jodhpur:

  • Nai Sarak
  • Sarafa Bazaar
  • Clock Tower Market
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace Market
  • Sojati Gate Market
  • Tripolia Bazaar
  • Kapraa Bazaar
  • Mochi Bazaar


  • Blue City Mall
  • Asha Purna Mall
  • Public Shopping Mall
  • Vishal Mega Mart
  • Saarang Mall
  • Reliance Smart Mall


Rajasthani food is of course predominant in Jodhpur, along with few other delicacies from neighboring lands. Some of the best dishes to try in Jodhpur are:

  • Laal Maas – A famous red meat dish (with bones) cooked in flavorful spices and rich ingredients.
  • Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi – Deep fried balls of Chenna (cottage cheese and milk powder) dunked into a spicy and rich tomato gravy.
  • Ghevar (a round shaped flaky sweet made of flour, sugar, milk and lots of ghee).
  • Gatte ki Kadhi (chickpea flour dumplings in a spicy gravy).
  • Gajak (a sweet item, made with peanuts, sesame and jaggery - found all over Rajasthan).
  • Dal Baati – Yellow lentil stew (Dal) flavoured with spices, topped with pure ghee and fried red chillies and served with small round breads (Baati) that are traditionally slow baked.
  • Rajasthani Thali – A large, beautifully set platter of food that consists of all Rajasthani delicacies ranging from starters and soups to rice items, breads, curries, and sweets.


Some of the best restaurants and eateries to eat at in Jodhpur are:

  • Darikhana, Raas Haveli
  • Shandar Restaurant
  • Janta Sweet House
  • Jharokha 360
  • Gypsy Restaurant
  • Gopal Rooftop Restaurant & Cafe
  • Shri Mishrilal Hotel (known for its flavorful, creamy buttermilk)
  • Jhankaar Choti Haveli Restaurant


Following are some of the best hotels to stay at in Jodhpur:

Luxury hotels:

  • Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur
  • Radisson Jodhpur
  • WelcomHotel by ITC Jodhpur
  • Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur
  • Ranbanka Palace
  • Indana Palace
  • Fairfield by Marriott, Jodhpur


  • Hotel Sachdeva Excellency
  • Hotel Vikram Palace
  • Hotel Shyam Excellency
  • Hotel Shree Radhey
  • Haveli Inn
  • Hotel Raman Palace (A pure vegetarian, family hotel)
  • Haveli Resort (a completely vegetarian resort)
  • Royal Panorama Stay


Jodhpur also has some good nightclubs and bars for people who look for some lively activity or entertainment during the late hours:

  • Brews Rock Club
  • Trophy Bar
  • The Checkers Bar & Pub
  • Pulse The Bar
  • Black & White Bar
  • Z Bar (Zone by The Park, Jodhpur)
  • The Liquor Industry
  • The Laughing B


Jodhpur city STD Code – 02931 (to be used before dialling numbers from a device that is not locally registered).

Common emergency numbers:

  • Police Control room – 100
  • Fire emergency – 101
  • Accident (Medical emergencies) – 108
  • Child Helpline – 1098
  • Women Helpline - 1090


Hindi is the official language of Jodhpur but languages like English, Marwadi, Rajasthani and Sindhi are spoken as well.


  • Welcome - Svagat
  • How are you? - Aap kaise hai?
  • What's your name? - Aapka naam kya hai?
  • I don't know - Mujhe nahi pata
  • I don't understand - Mein samjha nahi
  • Thank you - Dhanyavad


  • What is your name? - Tharo Naam ki/kai hai?
  • Nice to meet you - Thare ho mil'an anand ayyo
  • Forgive me - Khamma ghani
  • I'm sorry - Mahane Maaf Karo
  • Good morning - Su Prabhat
  • what are you doing? - App/theh kai karoh ho/cho?

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