With its azure lakes and surrounded by the Aravalli hills, Udaipur is a delightful city of lakes. This white city is a vision drenched in romance and beauty. Udaipur is a fascinating blend of sights, sounds and experiences that inspire poets, writers and painters. In addition to fairy-tale palaces, lakes, temples, gardens, and narrow lanes lined with stalls, it evokes chivalry and courage from a romantic past.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Udaipur has three lakes connected to one another - Fateh Sagar Lake, Pichola Lake, and the smaller Swaroop Sagar Lake - which attract both domestic and foreign visitors. Additionally, it evokes memories of a heroic past, valour, and chivalry as well as forts, palaces, temples, gardens, mountains, and narrow lanes lined with stalls.

Tourist places in Udaipur

  • City Palace : In Udaipur, the City Palace is the largest royal complex in Rajasthan and is situated on the banks of Lake Pichola. The magnificent palace was built by Maharana Uday Singh in 1559. The Maharana’s used it as their main headquarters where they lived and administered the kingdom. Subsequently, his successors added many more structures to the palace, making it even more magnificent. Currently, the Palace features a variety of Mahals, courtyards, pavilions, corridors, terraces, rooms, and hanging gardens. There is also a museum that exhibits some of the best Rajput elements of art and culture - from colourful paintings to traditional Rajasthani architecture.
  • Sajjan Garh Palace : As a former royal residence belonging to the Mewar dynasty, Sajjangarh Palace is situated on the outskirts of Udaipur, perched atop a hill. This place has been ruled by the Mewar dynasty for centuries. The palace complex was built in 1884 by Maharana Sajjan Singh, who ordered its construction and erected it in 1885. Because of the palace's strategic location on a hilltop in Aravalli called Bansdara Peak, which is a strategic vantage point to observe and assess the arrival and patterns of monsoon clouds, it was originally meant to be a nine-storey astronomical observatory. Because of this, it is known as the Monsoon Palace, and it would also have provided employment opportunities for its subjects.
  • Bagore Ki Haveli : This opulent and gracious palace, located on the Gangaur Ghat Marg of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan, was built in the eighteenth century on the waterfront of Lake Pichola. It has more than a hundred rooms and is decorated with elaborate mirrors and glass work. Amar Chand Badwa, the Prime Minister of the Mewar Kingdom, built the haveli, which has over a hundred rooms and has elaborate mirrors and glass work. There are beautiful paintings and murals adorning the walls of the palace; the Queen's Chamber has two stunning glass and mirror sculptures of peacocks on display there.
  • Jag Mandir Palace : The magnificent Jag Mandir Palace, often known as “ The Lake Garden Palace”, is situated on the southern island of lake Pichola in Udaipur. It would be incredible to see eight life sized elephants defending the place, which is three stories high and constructed of white marble and yellow sandstone. It was a hiding place for Shah Jahan. It was finished by Maharaja Jagat Singh 1 in the early years of 17th century.
  • Ahar Cenotaphs : Cenotaphs are monuments that have been erected to remember notable individuals whose graves are elsewhere. A Maha-sati is another name for collection of cenotaphs in India. It is important to remember that there are not any burials on these grounds. Simply, a tribute to commemorate the Mewar realm.
  • Jagdish Temple : The magnificent and majestic Jagdish Temple is located in the City Palace Complex of the gorgeous city of Udaipur in Rajasthan and is dedicated to the preserver of the universe, Lord Vishnu. As the most important temple in the entire city of Udaipur, Jagdish Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu, also known as Lord Laxmi Narayan. The Bara Pol of the City Palace offers a view of this majestic temple's entrance. This place of worship is a great option for those looking for comfort and faith because of the exquisite carvings, numerous attractive sculptures, and the peaceful ambiance.


  • Sunset Cruising Over Lake Pichola : On this boat trip at sunset in Udaipur, take in the beautiful scenery from the calm waters of Lake Pichola. As the sun begins to set, float along the lake's reflective surface while passing through Udaipur's distinctive skyline and grand houses. 
  • Boating Over Fateh Sagar Lake : Your heart will be filled with a great deal of serenity and joy as you experience delightful moments during the boat ride activity at Fateh Sagar Lake. When it comes to places in Udaipur that are a must-see, Fateh Sagar Lake stands out above the others.
  • Sunset At Jaisamand Lake : If you're wondering where to go when in Udaipur, a beautiful lake town, you must go to the glistening Jaisamand Lake. This manmade lake, also known as the Dhebar Lake, is renowned for being the second biggest in all of Asia. You may also show respect at the Shiva temple in the heart of the city and the Udaipur queen's lakeside vacation residence.
  • Mansapurna Karni Ropeway : The Maharana Karan Singh-built Mansapurna Karni Mata Temple was a very difficult place for the general people to visit since it was perched atop the Machhala Magar mountain top. It was not a temple that had a lot of visitors before because of this. But in order to make it simpler for the general public to access the sacred site and seek the blessings of Goddess Karni, a ropeway line linking the plain and the temple at the top of the hill was started in 2008.
  • Trekking : In India's princely state of Rajasthan, Udaipur is known as the "city of lakes and palaces." Hiking in the countryside and on trekking excursions are both common adventurous activities in Udaipur. Day hikes to adjacent places are often offered by trip organisers. The mountain ranges around the city of Udaipur provide beautiful hiking paths. The hike paths take one to the most distant areas of the area, where one learns about local village life, tribal populations' means of subsistence, and villager and tribal peoples' respective lifestyles.

Night-life in Udaipur

  • Panera Bar, Udaipur : Amazing appetisers and a variety of drinks are available at this luxurious pub. The Mewar School of Art original paintings, imposing chandeliers, intricate mirror work, and other intricate details of the décor give the space a regal aura.
  • Mudra-The Lounge Bar : To begin with, the resort as a whole is endowed with greenery and a welcoming atmosphere. The architecture is intended to evoke the famed royal heritage of Mewar and Udaipur. The inside is stunning. The bar is fantastic and offers both inside and outdoor seating areas with the greatest service. Here, a group of friends or family may have a blast.
  • Brewz Rock Café : Delicious beer lovers will like Brewz Rock Cafe. Test out the tasty coffee on offer here. Evenings feature live music performances by musicians. The welcoming personnel here exhibits a high standard of hospitality. In their evaluations, customers mention quick service. At this location, anticipate reasonable prices. The enigmatic ambiance has a positive effect on individuals.
  • Bamboo Beats : At long last, Udaipur has a spot to unwind with friends and family. In the Labhgarh Palace Resort in Udaipur, Bamboo Beats is a New Pub and Discotheque. Bollywood and Hollywood hits are combined with mystic fog and multicolour laser lights for the music. The nightlife in Udaipur is worth visiting just this one place.
  • Hola Spanish Club : The Hola, a Spanish pub, offers a wonderful atmosphere for a leisurely drink or for Chinese, Indian, or continental cuisine. Wooden floors and relaxing decor may be found here.
Street food to try in Udaipur
  • Poha : Udaipur is well-known for its Kachori, samosa, and Namkeen offerings, but this small town is also well-known for its poha. In Udaipur, poha is a common breakfast option, and there is one location in the city where you must have poha.
  • Falooda : If you ever want dessert after a hearty supper, stop by Sindhi Falooda Joint for a refreshing platter of falooda. After over indulging on all that hot cuisine during your Udaipur darshan, this is more than a welcome reprieve.
  • Mini Mirchi Vada : Indians enjoy their cold, and it's no secret that we strive to include it in our meals, which confuses visitors. However, Manak Balaji's is the only place in Udaipur that produces the delectable Mirchivada. Deep-fried in oil are little green chiles that have been packed with potato curry and dusted with gramme flour (besan). Customers who have been coming to this little shop for years are offered these treats hot and fresh. This street food in Udaipur will be your delight if you want to sometimes spice up your taste senses!
  • Kachoris : There are several full breakfast alternatives to choose from if you take an early morning stroll around the streets of Udaipur. Our hearts swell with joy at the prospect of a cup of tea and a crisp kachori with imli ki chutney. There are several little shops in Udaipur that just serve kachoris, so you'll never go hungry.
  • Vada Pav : The Vada Pav is one of India's all-time favourite street foods. A soft bun is horizontally stacked with a crisply fried potato patty, a thick layer of hot green chutney, and a fried chilli on the side. This traditional Marathi food is well-liked by everyone. The Poornima Vada Pav kiosk in Udaipur, which replicates the flavour of a traditional Maharastrian Vada Pav, is always sold out! Spice up your palate with this tasty street cuisine in Udaipur.
  • Daal Baati Choorma : There are several restaurants in Udaipur that specialise on daal baati churma, which is a staple of Rajasthani food. However, there are street vendors selling Daal Baati Churma for less money while still offering the same flavours and taste. a win-win situation. Is it not? Don't forget to treat your taste buds to the Daal Baati Churma on the way to Lake Palace.
Best hotels In Udaipur
  • The Oberoi Udaivilas : The Oberoi Udaivilas, which has stately architecture modelled after Rajasthani palaces, is spread across 50 acres and has pavilions and domes. The home is situated on the Maharana of Mewar's 200-year-old hunting grounds. It features 3 restaurants, 2 heated outdoor pools, and an opulent spa and is situated on the shores of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. In-room Wi-Fi is offered for free at the establishment.
  • RAAS Devi-garh Udaipur : Grand furniture and elaborately carved archways decorate the roomy apartments. They have air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, an iPod dock, and an electric kettle. In the roomy bathrooms, there is a bathtub, a shower, and a hairdryer. The restaurant at RAAS Devigarh features a variety of foreign and Indian specialties along with cool beverages. You may eat in your room as well.
  • Taj Lake Palace : Taj Lake Palace, which was constructed in 1746 and is located in the centre of Lake Pichola, has a marble exterior and a regal architecture. It provides customised programmes, including site-specific yoga classes, and a full service spa at Jiva Spa. The City Palace, the Aravalli and Machla Magra hills, and Jag Mandir may all be seen in stunning detail from there. Butler service is offered in the rooms. The hotel provides cultural performances, astrological consultations, and guided history excursions for a true local experience. A hot/cold spa pool and a 24-hour fitness centre are available as amenities. A gaming area, business centre, and retail arcade are also included.
  • Trident Udaipur : On the shores of Pichola Lake and spanning 43 acres, Trident Udaipur is surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens. It has an outdoor pool and three eating options. Room service is offered around-the-clock. In-room Wi-Fi is offered cost free. The Udaipur city centre may be reached by car in 10 minutes. It is located 45 minutes by car from Maharana Pratap Airport and 8 kilometres from Udaipur Railway Station. Recently refurbished spaces highlight Udaipur's architectural and cultural legacy. High speed internet, in-room coffee makers, personal safes, and contemporary entertainment systems are features found in every room and suite.
  • The Leela Palace : Take advantage of this contemporary palace's lakeside setting and vistas of the sweeping Aravalli mountain ranges by relaxing there. By utilising ancient artisanal techniques and beautiful decorations that are inspired by the rich cultural history of Rajasthan, it pays homage to the Land of the Mewars with unsurpassed majesty. Enjoy picturesque vistas of the historic city, the serene Lake Pichola, and a lifestyle fit for royalty.
  • Chunda Palace : Awe-inspiring views of the City Palace and the stunning Lake Pichola can be had from the magnificent Chunda Palace. With its hand-painted interiors, it displays the rich legacy of the Mewar Region. It has two swimming pools, a wide range of activities, and opulent accommodations with hot tubs. The railway station and the city centre are both within 6 kilometres of The Chunda Palace, which is situated in Udaipur. The hotel is 27 kilometres from Udaipur Airport. Rooms are vast and opulently decorated, and they are light and airy thanks to big arched windows and hand-painted frescos. They come with a safe and a flat-screen satellite TV. Views of the Aravalli range may be found in several of the rooms.
Famous restaurants
  • Ambrai, Udaipur : Ambrai has a terrace that is really stunning. It looks to be the ideal setting for a passionate date by the river. I went there with my family, and everyone felt really at ease. The staff was really kind and knowledgeable. upscale, yet quite affordable given the setting and the cuisine. An experience to remember.
  • Chadni At The Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel : Jagat Niwas Palace is a haveli (mansion) from the first half of the 17th century with typical Mewar style, and it is located on the eastern banks of the well-known Lake Pichola and the Lal Ghat Road. On request, it offers horseback riding, traditional puppet shows, and Ayurvedic treatments. There is free WiFi accessible. Rooms and suites include Indian-inspired design and antique furniture, and they overlook Pichola Lake. There is a bathroom and TV. Some accommodations include a Jharokha (enclosed balcony). All of the rooms, even those in the same category and with the same size, differ from one another since the building is historically significant.
  • Millets Of Mewar, Udaipur : You can start your holiday off right by staying at this hotel, which offers free WiFi in every room. Being centrally located in Lake City, gives you access to and accessibility to neighbourhood landmarks and attractions. Don't leave without visiting Udaipur's City Palace. Your stay at this three-star hotel will be unforgettable thanks to the restaurant.
  • Palki Khana, Udaipur : The restaurant known as Palki Khana is close to City Palace's main entrance. Both indoor and outdoor seating are available. The staff is polite and well-trained to provide customers with world-class tastes. Most of the time, you'll find a wealthy international population having fun here. The local pasta is tasty, as are the local beer and wine. One may be a little alarmed by their pricing. But the city palace view and the cafe's design managed to calm you down.
  • Upre By 1599 AD : A unique environment having a view of the stunning City Palace, Lake Palace, temples, bathing ghats, and embankments. As you eat, take in the ancient skyline of Udaipur. Upré has a massive lake frontage and is situated on the terrace of the Lake Pichola Hotel. Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere at the terrace restaurant and open-air bar with cabanas, which serves a variety of foreign and regional dishes, drinks, and wines.
  • Charcoal By Carlsson : This distinctive restaurant is housed inside the Pratap Bhavan and serves Mexican cuisine in particular, as well as grilled meats and Rajasthani fare, to both domestic and foreign guests.
Malls to Check Out
  • Forum Celebration Mall : The first mall in the city to provide top-notch shopping and a luxurious lifestyle under one roof is Forum Celebration Mall in Udaipur. A landmark of Udaipur, the mall was constructed in an ethnic architectural style and is the first iconic heritage mall in India. It combines ethnicity on the exterior with modern amenities inside.
  • Lake City Mall : The lake city of Udaipur is represented by this mall, as suggested by its name. The mall is well-known in Udaipur. There are many different brands there, such as Arrow, Metro, Woodland, United Colors of Benetton, Crossword, and Bata, as well as fast food restaurants like KFC and Pizza Hut and a grocery called Reliance Mart. The Inox movie theatre in Lake City Mall is widely visited by locals. In addition to this, this Udaipur mall offers upscale features including a conference room and a rooftop pool.
  • Urban Square : It is planned that this Udaipur mall would be the biggest one in Rajasthan. It is currently being built and will be the first mall in Udaipur with infrastructure in the European style. Brands like Spencer, etc. will be included in the mall. Also included will be an Inox multiplex. This mall will have lavish facilities including an infinity pool, a rooftop restaurant, a restaurant with a garden view, a restaurant on the terrace, and a clubhouse.
  • RKay Mall : The RKay Mall in Udaipur was built to familiarise Udaipur with infrastructure of high international standards and to signify the development of metropolitan Udaipur. Brands like Westside, BIBA, W for Women, FabIndia etc. were introduced to Udaipur by this mall. Another popular hangout and leisure spot is RKay mall. Due to its opulent game zone, OMG, both parents and kids commonly attend.
  • Arvanah Shopping Centre : A shopper's delight, the Arvana Shopping Mall is located in Udaipur. On premium brands like Van Heusen, Peter England, Levi's, Lee, and many more, it provides cost-effective discounts. It offers extra features such a party room, spa, and salon. In addition to this, Arvana Mall is also known for its simulation and virtual reality games.
  • Mangalam Fun Square : Mangalam Developers Limited constructed the mall known as Mangalam Fun Square in Udaipur. As a result of its convenient access from all areas of the city, Udaipur residents frequent it. In addition to providing affordable deals on different brands, it boasts a variety of dining options, kid-friendly indoor and outdoor games, and an amusement park. These make the mall a pleasant weekend getaway location.
Best Places To Shop
  • Bapu Bazar Udaipur : One of the numerous well-known markets in the city of Udaipur is called Bapu Bazaar. You may buy a variety of items here, including books, electrical devices, purses, clothing, shoes, kitchenware, and especially Khadi products. In addition to this, you may go to stores that sell Rajasthani crafts and trinkets. You won't be disappointed if you fill up on the street cuisine offered here while exploring Bapu Bazaar!
  • Bada Bazaar Udaipur : Near the clock tower lies one of the city's oldest marketplaces, Bada Bazaar, which is constantly bustling with visitors and residents. The market is home to a multitude of stores and showrooms that sell traditional Rajasthani clothing, pricey gold and silver jewellery, sarees and other textiles with Bandhani and Batik prints, cosmetics, and trinkets. Mochiwada Bazaar is a significant area of this market where you may purchase from a variety of lovely handcrafted juttis. When purchasing at this market, make sure to haggle.
  • Hathipole, Udaipur : For both inhabitants and visitors, Hathipole is one of the most well-liked marketplaces in the city. The heart of this market is in its handicrafts, ethnic attire, and fashionable shoes, often known as Mojadis or juttis. Here, you may also get lovely Bandhej and Leheriya textiles at affordable prices. Another must-purchase item in the market is Jaipuri Razai, or blankets from Rajasthan. If you're an art aficionado, you'll find Pichwai and Phad artworks to be enthralling and tempted to buy them. The market is a fantastic reflection of Rajasthan's rich cultural heritage.
  • Maldas Street Udaipur : This is the best spot for you to make your purchase if you are seeking for the ideal wedding gown but are on a tight budget. Women are continuously rushing and haggling in this area, looking for the numerous products on sale. Maldas Street offers a wide variety of ethnic clothing at affordable costs.
  • City Palace Street Udaipur : If you enjoy shopping for handmade goods, be sure to visit City Palace Street, where you can choose from a wide selection of embroidered purses and rugs that have been expertly made by hand. At this market, you can also get a wide selection of lovely Rajasthani clothing as well as affordable Batik and hand-printed clothing.
Famous Shops
  • Westside-Rkay Mall
  • Roop Shree Udaipur
  • Jagdish Misthan Bhandar
  • Book A Surprise
  • Batliwala And Sons
  • Kalyan Jewellers
Museums in Udaipur
  • City Palace Museum : The City Palace Museum, which houses the major components of Udaipur's famous landmark, displays a sizable assortment of artefacts that will transport you to a bygone era. Wall paintings, priceless silverware, priceless royal family pictures, musical instruments, weaponry, and other items all convey stories of Udaipur's illustrious past.
  • Ahar Archaeological : Ahar Archaeological Museum, one of Udaipur's most well-known museums, is home to artefacts dating back to the 10th century AD. Along with sculptures of Lord Buddha and Vishnu-Nag-Nathan and artefacts discovered from the 4000-year-old township of Dhulkot, this display features common goods like coins, clay pots, and iron items used by prehistoric humans.
  • Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal : Padma Shri Devi Lal Samar established the Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal Museum in 1952 with the goal of preserving and educating tourists about the local folk culture of Rajasthan. Here, you may see rustic clothing, ceremonial pots, dolls, wall sculptures, paintings, and puppets.
  • Bagore Ki Haveli : The largest turban in the world is among the priceless artefacts on display in the museum. Another interesting exhibit in this intriguing museum in Udaipur is a collection of the most famous monuments in the world that have been sculpted out of Styrofoam.
  • Shilpgram Museum : Shilpgram is one of the nicest spots to visit in Udaipur, sprawling across 70 acres of land and encircled by the rough Aravalli Hills. The Rural Arts and Crafts Complex is thought of as an ethnographic museum devoted to conserving the way of life and culture of the West Zone's folk and tribal people. To offer tourists a sense of how these groups used to live, village homes from Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan have been built up here. The centre hosts the Shilpgram Festival, a large fair that attracts hundreds of artists, dancers, performers, and artisans each year.
  • Moti Magri Museum : Moti Magri Museum, which is perched on its namesake hill in Udaipur, serves as a reminder of the bravery of Rajput kings. Some of the biggest draws include models of the battleground at Haldighati and Chittorgarh Fort, as well as paintings that show the history of Mewar. A must-see item at the location is the statue of Maharana Pratap perched atop Chetak. From here, you may take in a broad view of Fateh Sagar Lake.
Events/Festivals in Udaipur
  • Mewar Festival Or Gangaur : The Gangaur Festival is one of Udaipur's most vibrant celebrations. Every year, two weeks after Holi, a great number of tourists from all around the world attend this festival. The term "Gangaur" is composed of the two syllables "Gana," which is another name for Lord Shiva, and "Gaur," which is also a synonym for Gauri or Goddess Parvati and denotes marital happiness. The event lasts for 18 days, usually throughout the months of March and April, starting on the first day of Chaitra, the day after Holi. This year, it began on March 2 and the major event will take place on March 20.
  • Udaipur lake festival : Rajasthan Tourism, UIT, and the Municipal Corporation are in charge of organising the Udaipur Lake Festival. The enormous development in tourism was the driving force behind the decision to start this event. It was determined to create numerous activities in and around lakes specifically to showcase the special advantages of the water reservoirs in this context. The Lake Festival has been held in Udaipur for three years running, and residents there are eager for more.
  • Udaipur world music festival : Since the previous three years, February brings the Udaipur World Music Festival (UWMF) to the city. People go from all over the world to Udaipur for the three-day spectacle to experience top national and international performers. The event, which Seher conceptualised and arranged, is free; there is no admittance fee. Every year, it takes place in three different cities. People in Udaipur were exposed to Papon the first year, Kailash Kher the second, and Shankar, Ehsan, and Loy's music this year.
Gardens And Parks
  • Saheliyon Ki Bari : Saheliyon ki Bari (Courtyard of Maidens), built for the royal women, has marble canopies, elephant-shaped fountains, lotus ponds, and luxuriant lawn. According to legend, Maharana Sangram Singh constructed the garden in the 1970s for his wife and her 48 maidens so they could spend time together away from the politics.
  • Doodh Talai Musical Garden : Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park and Maniklal Verma Park are part of the Doodh Talai Lake Garden. Both provide views of the lovely Doodh Talai (Milk Reservoir), but only the former serves as the starting point for the Mansapurna Karni Mata Ropeway, an aerial tram that transports visitors to the Karni Mata shrine and a sunset vantage point. On the other side of Doodh Talai, Maniklal Verma Park provides access to the temple through a 20–30 minute stair walk.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Park : A wide region of lush, picturesque splendour was erected in Rajiv Gandhi's honour, India's youngest prime minister. As well as enhancing the garden's appeal and spreading the message of animal and plant conservation, several figurines depicting the flora and fauna of India stand out. The access to the garden requires a little charge.
  • Nehru Garden : A package for nature enthusiasts called "Greenery among Water" includes a ferry journey on the enticing Fateh Sagar Lake (to get to the garden), evil fountains and sculptures, an immaculate garden, a café, and unmixed wind! The ideal location for a family picnic may be here.
Best Time to Visit Udaipur

The ideal time to visit Udaipur is from October to March. Winter is a nice time of year, making it the greatest time to explore the city. Another great time to visit Udaipur is during the monsoon season, which lasts from July to September. It's lovely and a welcome change from the hot weather of Rajasthan. Summer time should be avoided, though, as the highs can reach 42 degrees.

How To Reach
  • By Air – The Maharana Pratap Airport, which is around 20 kilometres from the city centre, is the closest airport to Udaipur. It has excellent flight connections to all of India's main cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Jaipur. Popular airlines including Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, Air Deccan, and Kingfisher Airlines provide daily flights to and from Udaipur. For transportation between the airport and the city after you arrive, you may easily reserve pre-paid taxis or hire cabs once you get at the airport.
  • By Rail – Udaipur is located on a huge rail network that links it to important Indian towns including Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata, Indore, Mumbai, and Kota. Mewar Express, Gwalior-Udaipur Express, Bandra-Udaipur SF Express, Chetak Express, and Annanya Expres are some of the well-known trains that operate every day. In actuality, Udaipur is also planned to receive the renowned and opulent Palace of Wheels. Depending on where in the city you wish to exit, you can rent a cab or an auto-rickshaw after you get at the station. The cost will vary according to the distance travelled.
  • By Road – A highly well-established bus service network connects Udaipur to several cities, including Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Kota, and Ahmedabad. When it comes to using the bus, there are several possibilities. These consist of luxurious buses, climate-controlled coaches, and state-run transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is Udaipur located?

Udaipur is a city located in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan in India. It is also known as the "City of Lakes" due to its beautiful lakes and picturesque surroundings.

What is the best time to visit Udaipur?

The best time to visit Udaipur is between the months of October and March, when the weather is cool and pleasant. The monsoon season, between July and September, is also a good time to visit as the city looks lush and green during this time.

What is the cuisine of Udaipur like?

Udaipur is famous for its vegetarian cuisine, which is influenced by Rajasthani, Mughal, and Marwari cuisines. Some of the popular dishes in Udaipur include dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, ker sangri, and papad ki sabzi.

Are there any festivals or events that take place in Udaipur?

Udaipur is known for its colorful festivals and events. Some of the popular festivals celebrated in Udaipur include the Mewar Festival, the Shilpgram Crafts Fair, and the Gangaur Festival. The city also hosts several cultural events, music festivals, and dance performances throughout the year.

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