India is a country that offers something for everyone! With its incredible scenery, rich history and colorful cultural diversity, the beaches and mountains, the flavorful food, and herbal treatments like Ayurveda, Yoga, and the welcoming warmth of friendly people everywhere.

India has every reason to be on your "must-experience" bucketlist!

Atithi Devo Bhava

About Indiamap

Indiamap is a travel and lifestyle website and the fastest growing information provider of all things India. It was conceptualized with a vision to be a sole platform that offers information about all the Indian states, cities and union territories including various places to visit in each and food to devour. Not just the famous places and ancient monuments, Indiamap is the only platform that explores the small towns and villages, the information for which is not offered by any other website.

Indiamap also takes on a journey of the modern and advanced India, from skyscrapers to innovative architecture, that is often overlooked besides the beauty of historic India.From markets to monuments, beaches to gardens, cuisines to museums, and hills stations to deserts, Indiamap works relentlessly to offer updated information and answers to all your questions. So, pack your bags and get ready for a journey of the ‘Incredible India’ to make unforgettable memories with Indiamap as your partner and information guide whenever your travel thirst soul takes over.

Celebrating India - Discover States, Cities, Places to Visit and more

A country like India where every state is unique with its own historical architecture, diverse Indian cuisine, culture, and with anancient tradition and history, Indiamap covers every nook and corner of the country and takes you to a ride of multi-cultural experience. Covering sections such as Experiences, Food, States, Cities, and Places, Indiamap is a one-stop destination providing information regarding states of India, cities of India, national parks, Indian cuisine, hill stations, tourist places in India, and whatnot.

Planning a trip requires answers to several questions and Indiamap has been incepted with a vision to collect all the information and be a single platform where the travelers can get answers to when, where, and how. Indiamap is a one-stop solution to all travel planning needs and acts as guide, whether its cities of India, states of India, famous food, or places to visit in India. The content in Indiamap website has been curated with in-depth researchfor all destinations and keeping in mind the need of the travelers, so that it leads them in the right direction. No matter which part of the country you want to explore, Indiamap is an encyclopedia of places tucked away in remote areas of Himalayas to the depths of Andaman and from the dense forests of Northeast India to the royal retreat of Rajasthan and colors of Gujarat.

  • The ‘Experience’ section of Indiamap elaborates on entertainment, historic places, spirituality, shopping, adventure, nature, heritage, leisure, and learning.
  • The ‘Food’ section of Indiamap throws light on the diverse Indian cuisine and food eaten in different states of India at various times.
  • The ‘Places’ section of Indiamap includes beaches, gardens, markets, monuments, museums, worship places, and malls.
  • The ‘States’ section of Indiamap elaborately explain the states of India and the districts in each
  • The ‘Cities’ section of Indiamap explains in detail about the cities of India, the tourist places there along with the food, language, and other related stuff.

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Nothing is far if there is a right travel partner with you who knows the way to every location, hotel, restaurant, and even which transport to use from where, and that is exactly the role Indiamap offers to play. Indiamap is obsessed with the idea of empowering the traveler’s desire to explore around the country and turn it into a reality by offering them information backed by high quality images in an aesthetic looking platform. With its mind and heart soaked in the love for travel, Indiamap is in a journey to make this world a better place where discoveries are fathomless and invites you to come along to celebrate the exquisite diversity of India.

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